Free catalytic converter scrap value guide & lookup by serial number

Every vehicle has essential parts, but the catalytic converter is probably the most valuable. It is built with precious metals like palladium, rhodium, and platinum. In their raw state, these metals are very expensive. It is why the catalytic converter is also pricey. 

When the time comes for you to sell the catalytic converter as scrap metal, you need to know its exact value and make sure that you get enough money for what it is worth. A bad component of a car still has value if you know how to get the best out of it.


The most accurate way to find the scrap value of a catalytic converter is by using the serial number, although these services aren’t always free. In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • GM catalytic converter scrap values are usually $80.56 – $312.12.
  • Ford catalytic converter scrap values are usually $47.82 – $911.73.
  • Honda catalytic converter scrap values are usually $72.56 – $453.40.
  • Dodge catalytic converter scrap values are usually $84.12 – $1,125.71.
  • Toyota catalytic converter scrap values are usually $76.09 – $487.86.

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How much is my catalytic converter worth?

Jeep catalytic converter

The average price for a catalytic converter is between $300 and $1,500, but some models will be outside this range. Catalytic converters are probably your vehicle’s most expensive because they contain precious materials. 

Before you sell your car to a junk removal company, remove this part yourself and sell it individually. This strategy will get you some extra cash but be advised that some vehicles’ catalytic converters are worth more than others. 

Take a look below at the most popular car manufacturers and the approximate value of their catalytic converter. We go into detail further down the page, but underneath is a quick look at the catalytic converter scrap value for each manufacturer.

How to find the catalytic converter scrap value by serial number

Every catalytic converter has a serial number, which you can use to find out the value of this car part. Once you identify the serial number, you should enter it into an online database to search for its value. 

It is an easy task as the process is simplified by technology. You cannot find this serial number anywhere on your vehicle other than on the catalytic converter itself. 

Carefully inspect this component on its edges and see the serial number. This number should be composed of letters and figures. While some feature only 3 digits, others can have 12-digit serial numbers.


2002 GM catalytic converter

General Motors is an American corporation with headquarters in Detroit. They design and manufacture vehicles and parts for various companies, such as Cadillac and Chevrolet. There are several GM catalytic converters. You can identify yours by serial number.

For a small GM catalytic converter, you should expect to get between $89 and $132 for each piece in scrap value. These are popular and in high demand, so you can find a buyer quickly.

GM ModelPrice
25319109 model$128.46
Medium GM model$80.56 – $255.13
Large model$121.74 – $312.12
Small model$50.71 – $112.61


Ford is another American manufacturer situated in Michigan. The legendary Henry Ford founded it. Nowadays, this company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under its brand. Still, they also produce luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand.

Here are some of the models we dug numbers up for:

  • F450
  • Expedition
  • Fusion
  • E-350

Ford vehicles are very popular, and you can see one on the road at every corner. On average, a catalytic converter is worth around $850 in scrap value. While some are more accessible and less expensive to replace, you should check the serial number and approximate the ideal price to be sure. 

Ford ModelPrice
Expedition$127.47 – $627.95
Fusion$96.43 – 268.00
E-350$134.8 – $911.73
Focus$40.23 – $337.05
Ranger$88.31 – $391.23
Escape$74.65 – $594.30
F350$96.63 – $407.33
Ecoline$102.33 – $288.91
5.00E+212$88.31 – $290.33
5.4$98.72 – $254.31
Ford F250$132.94 – $389.63
Ford F150110.98 – $357.59
Ford Excursion$109.71 – $156.25
Ford Windstar$137.2 – $201.09
Ford Transit$79.63 – $288.91
Ford Mustang$97.31 – $380.71
Ford Escort$121.86 – $397.92
Ford Taurus$81.63 – $313.01


Based in Japan, Honda is a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. Their headquarters is in Tokyo, and their vehicles can be found worldwide in almost all countries. 

For newer models, catalytic converters can reach up to $1,500 scrap values for Honda. You might hope to get a similar price for yours. Many buyers are interested in such a piece, and you can find them on various online platforms. 

Honda ModelPrice
Honda Accord, 1995$77.60 – $114.51
Honda Accord, 1996$79.51 – $116.25
Honda Accord, 1997$80.01 – $120.49
Honda Accord, 1999$81.22 – $122.51
Honda Accord, 2000$82.11 – $123.51
Honda Accord, 2000$84.79 – $126.17
Honda Accord, 2001$87.02 – $130.19
Honda Accord, 2002$88.12 – $132.11
Honda Accord, 2004$90.11 – $140.11
Honda Civic$72.56 – $435.91
Honda CRV$75.30 – $453.40
Honda Element$102.71 – $347.37
Honda Odyssey$114.04 – $447.10
Honda Pilot$75.31 – 114.04


Based in Michigan, Dodge is an American brand that manufactures automobiles. These vehicles are known for their performance and high power, so their parts are highly valuable.

Dodge has a wide variety of cars, and these are some of the ones we found the scrap value for:

  • RAM 2500
  • RAM 1500
  • Dakota
  • Caravan

Usually, Dodge catalytic converters sell for around $500 in scrap value. However, the final price still depends on some factors. In most cases, you will be able to get at least $300 for the older models. 

Dodge ModelPrice
Dodge RAM 2500$86.35 – $1,125.71
Dodge RAM 1500$84.12 – $814.27
Dodge Dakota$90.21 – $415.82
Dodge Caravan$93.98 – $704.69
Dodge Durango$94.97 – $$383.34
Dodge Neon$95.58 – $406.21
Dodge Charger$112.33 – $223.89
Dodge Stratus$113.82 – $406.21
Dodge Caliber$57.79 – $271.23
Dodge Avenger$85.84 – $234.49
Dodge Magnum$87.12 – $256.91
Dodge Nitro$95.14 – $264.92


2020 toyota Supra Catalytic Converter

Another Japanese car manufacturer is Toyota, which is based in Aichi. It was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937 and is now one of the largest manufacturers in the world. The statistics show that they produce 10 million vehicles annually, which can be found anywhere in the world.

The scrap value depends on the model, and here are some that we found numbers for:

  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Corolla

Their catalytic converters are valuable, although not as precious as other models. On average, you should expect to get $145 for a Toyota catalytic converter if you decide to sell it at scrap value

Toyota ModelPrice
Toyota Prius$101.05 – $487.86
Toyota Camry91.5 – $343.11
Toyota Tundra$76.09 – $306.22
Toyota Corolla$81.63 – $354.64
Toyota 4runner$104.71 – $252.70
Toyota Tacoma$95.62 – $276.75
Toyota Avalon$119.31 – $280.86
Toyota x16$119.31
Toyota RAV4$95.97 – $438.38
Toyota Sequoia$86.12 – $212.98
Toyota Yaris$88.14 – $242.52
Toyota Sienna$89.12 – $242.86
Toyota Celica$87-34 – $200.31
Toyota Matrix$85.12 – $170.91
Toyota Echo$86.42 – $181.17


Chevrolet is an American automobile division of General Motors Company. Also referred to as Chevy, these vehicles are popular on American roads. It makes their parts easy to find.

But because they are a branch of General Motors, Chevrolet vehicles will feature the same catalytic converters. They often sell between $89 to $132 each.

Chevy ModelPrice
Chevy Silverado$102.48 – $310.29
Chevy S-10$110.46 – $208.14
Chevy Blazer$93.95 – $313.93
Chevy Cobalt$97.89 – $258.91
Chevy Cavalier$94.61 – $425.80
Chevy Express Van$147.63 – $261.74
Chevy HHR$97.89 – $287.66
Chevy Impala$87.51 – $351.18
Chevy Aveo$95.92 – $433.86
Chevy Tahoe$83.45 – 214.57
Chevy 2500hd$117.43 – $421.59
Chevy Malibu$116.96 – $339.19
Chevy Colorado$85.99 – $203.57
Chevy Astro$89.14 – $217.62
Chevy Avalanche$117.32 – $341.45
Chevy Equinox$115.42 – $268.52
Chevrolet Silverado 3500$142.91 – $398.43
Chevrolet Silverado 1500$160.53 – $401.56


Situated in Yokohama, Nissan is another Japanese automobile manufacturer. They sell their vehicles under several brands, such as Infiniti and Datsun. They produce many vehicles in a year, which are then distributed worldwide.

The scrap value for different Nissan cars differs, but here are some of the most request models:

  • Nissan Altima
  • Nissan Maxima
  • Nissan Titan
  • Nissan Pathfinder

Catalytic converters sell between $150 to $300 for Nissan models. If you negotiate well, you can get a higher price outside this range. However, be advised that these parts are very common for this manufacturer.  

Nissan ModelPrice
Nissan Altima$94.74 – $347.99
Nissan Maxima$87.67 – $224.07
Nissan Titan$112.53 – $355.91
Nissan x3$105.72 – $314.95
Nissan Sentra$87.87 – $335.73
Nissan Pathfinder$89.88 – $264.90
Nissan xterra$84.37 – $233.62
Nissan Frontier$107.73 – $215.39
Nissan Murano$86.24 – $ 305.41
Nissan Versa$52.71 – $198.15
Nissan NV200$77.93 – $188.69
Nissan Rogue$125.16 – $278.57
Nissan Armada$121.69 – $309.41


Chrysler is an American automobile manufacturer in the United States, with headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. They changed the name to Stellantis, which is how they are identified now. 

Chrysler catalytic converters sell online for between $129 and $179, so you should expect a similar offer for yours. Few online buyers are looking for such a part, so that you might have more luck at a scrap yard. 

Chrysler ModelPrice
Chrysler 300$59.47 – 281.80
Chrysler Town & Country$74.88 – $293.63
Chrysler Sebring$109.51 – $406.21
Chrysler Pacifica$112.47 – $408.48
Chrysler 200$83.36 – $317.47
Chrysler Crossfire$115.67 – $457.23
Chrysler PT Cruiser$214.31 – $326.38
Chrysler Concorde$72.78 – $213.65


BMW catalytic converter

The full name of this company is Bayerische Motoren Werke, a German manufacturer of performance and luxury vehicles. They are headquartered in Munich, and their brand is very popular worldwide.

For a catalytic converter of a BMW, you should expect to get between $150 and $700. It depends on the precious metals they contain. These parts can easily be found on the market, meaning you will also have many interested buyers. 

BMW ModelPrice
BMW R46$127.14 – $407.41
BMW x5$123.05 – $683.77
BMW 323i83.77 – $488.39
BMW 328i83.77 – $488.39
BMW 325i83.77 – $488.39
BMW 7-series$113.07 – $912.20
BMW 330i83.77 – $488.39
BMW 328i83.77 – $488.39
BMW 325i83.77 – $488.39
BMW 740i$113.07 – $620.62
BMW 540i$123.05 – $683.77


Another German automobile manufacturer is Mercedes-Benz, which is often referred to as Mercedes. They operate from Germany and specialize in luxury and commercial vehicle production. 

Established in 1926, Mercedes have their headquarters in Stuttgart. However, you can find its vehicles worldwide. Compared to other brands, the catalytic converters of a Mercedes are more expensive. Usually, they sell for between $350 and $450 each. 

Mercedes-Benz ModelPrice
Mercedes sprinter$103.19 – $403.06
Mercedes e320$118.22 – $495.91
Mercedes c300$102.80 – $446.40
Mercedes s500$116.45 – $453.00
Mercedes c240$102.80 – $446.40
Mercedes ml320$150.31 – $485.41
Mercedes e350$118.22 – $495.91
Mercedes-benz GLA suv$126.67 – $449.84


Hyundai Motors is a South Korean automotive manufacturer situated in Seoul. The company was founded in 1967 and has continuously increased in popularity since then. Nowadays, their vehicles are commonly found in Asia, Europe, and North America. 

The serial code of a Hyundai catalytic converter is simple and made out of 5 characters. You can easily introduce this code online and find your part’s specific price. Usually, they sell for between $110 to $140. 

Hyundai ModelPrice
Hyundai Sonata$74.49 – $393.24
Hyundai Elantra$91.63 – $357.77
Hyundai Santa Fe$102.26 – $344.48
Hyundai Tiburon$111.17 – 280.94
Hyundai Accent$81.75 – $358.41
Hyundai Tucson$89.40 – $369.03
Hyundai Genesis$89.40 – 324.37


Another South Korean automobile manufacturer based in Seoul is Kia. They are the second-largest manufacturer in the country, sitting right behind Hyundai. On average, they sell almost 3 million vehicles a year.

Their partnership with Hyundai means that these two brands will often share parts. A catalytic converter will sell for between $110 to $140 on average, but you can find some exceptions online. 

Kia ModelPrice
Kia Sorento SUV$94.11 – $264.58
Kia Sedona$101.21 – $307.15
Kia Optima$87.64 – $271.25
Kia Soul$78.60 – $377.95
Kia Sportage$100.86 – $456.72
Kia Rio$84.93 – $421.84
Kia Spectra$94.51 – $388.61
Kia Forte$66.48 – $471.02


Used 2017 mazda catalytic converter

Mazda is a Japanese automobile manufacturer situated in Hiroshima. They produce around 1.5 million vehicles per year, which they export worldwide. Almost 70% of their vehicles are produced directly in their Japanese plants. The remaining 30% are manufactured in other plants around the world.

Automotive experts rank Mazda to be the 15th-largest in terms of global production. That means their vehicles are very popular around the world, and the parts necessary for them can be commonly found anywhere. You should expect between $150 and $200 for each catalytic converter. 

Mazda ModelPrice
Mazda 6$82.91 – $467.71
Mazda Protege$80.54 – $309.12
Mazda 626$82.91 – $472.95
Mazda rx8$109.15 – $414.72
Mazda b2200$102.41 – $286.41
Mazda b3000$107.67 – $301.89
Mazda cx-9$117.72 – $353.14
Mazda cx-5$106.31 – $366.98
Mazda rx7$109.15 – $414.72
Mazda Tribute$99.54 – $396.64


Volkswagen is a German motor vehicle manufacturer founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front. They have their headquarters in Wolfsburg and they are known for the iconic Beetle which made this company so popular decades ago. Their biggest market is China, delivering 40% of their sales and profits. 

On average, a scrap catalytic converter will sell for between $300 to $1,500. It depends on the model. They are no longer sold as part of a car, so many buyers are interested in getting them online. 

VW ModelPrice
VW Jetta$112.78 – $468.81
VW Beetle (bug)$100.97 – 469.01
VW Golf$120.41 – 446.67
VW Touareg$93.62 – $479.14
VW GTi$120.41 – 446.67
VW Passat$85.78 – $325.44


Subaru catalytic converter

Another Japanese automotive manufacturer is Subaru, which is the 21st largest automaker by production worldwide. Their vehicles attract buyers who desire the signature engine and all-wheel drive capabilities. They also offer affordable sports car designs, which is what made them popular in the past.

Nowadays, a used catalytic converter can expect between $100 to $700 depending on the vehicle’s condition, year, and model. 

Subaru ModelPrice
Subaru Outback$94.82 – $264.58
Subaru WRX$102.51 – $308.97
Subaru Forester$104.57 – $321.63
Subaru Legacy$84.43 – 278.61
Suburu Impreza$82.74 – $451.34


catalytic converter from a Jeep

The multi-national corporation Stellantis that owns Chrysler also owns Jeep, an American automobile brand. Their products consist mostly of Sport Utility Vehicles which are off-road worthy. Previously, Jeep used to manufacture small vans as well as a few roadsters.

Annually, they sell around 1.4 million SUVs and they are constantly increasing in popularity. The catalytic converter installed on their models can be expensive, ranging between $1,400 to $1,500 each. 

Isuzu ModelPrice
Isuzu NPR$90.40 – $260.15
Isuzu Rodeo$81.54 – $265.91
Isuzu box truck$101.25 – $322.43
Isuzu Trooper$101.21 – $317.51


Commonly known as Mitsubishi Motors, they are a Japanese automobile manufacturer situated in Tokyo. In 2011, this company was the 6th largest Japanese automaker in the world. Compared to all the brands worldwide, they were the 19th-largest by production. 

Since 2016, this company is one-third owned by Nissan. Together with Renault, they all form an alliance. That is why you will often see shared parts between these automakers. For a catalytic converter, you should expect to get between $60 to $160 each. 

Mitsubishi ModelPrice
Mitsubishi Eclipse$72.08 – $174.65
Mitsubishi Outlander$109.15 – $417.17
Mitsubishi Galant$99.53 – $372.01
Mitsubishi Lancer$70.88 – $468.45
Mitsubishi Montero$119.72 – $305.69
Mitsubishi Fuso$99.54 – $371.88
Mitsubishi Endeavor$107.44 – $352.17
Mitsubishi Mirage$89.41 – $311.54
Mitsubishi 3000gt$92.63 – $309.12
Mitsubishi Diamante$93.96 – $301.63


Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer specializing in:

  • luxury vehicles
  • SUVs
  • station wagons
  • and sedans. 

They are headquartered in Gothenburg, and the company’s main feature is safety. They are known for producing durable vehicles that can reduce the risk of injury on impact. 

Many Volvo models are available on the market, and their catalytic converter sells for between $300 and $2,220. If you want to sell a Volvo part, look for the serial number on its edges and use an online tool to determine its exact value. 

Volvo ModelPrice
Volvo xc90$93.49 – $310.59
Volvo s60$73.47 – $325.50
Volvo s40$88.25 – $312.37
Volvo xc70$91.75 – $376.76
Volvo v70$80.16 – $354.35
Volvo s70$93.14 – $389.31
Volvo s80$99.65 – $361.61
Volvo xc70$74.51 – $376.76
Volvo 850$85.15 – $373.53


Acura is a luxury and performance division of the Japanese automaker Honda, but they are based in North America. In 1986, this company was launched in the United States and Canada. They constantly evolved and branched out worldwide. Nowadays, they are still rising in popularity.

If you own a catalytic converter from an Acura model, you should expect to get between $180 to $240.

Acura ModelPrice
Acura TL$95.51 – 163.32
Acura MDX$97.72 – $160.38
Acura RSX$89.46 – $159.67
Acura CL$101.02 – $170.32
Acura Integra$126.21 – $201.05
Acura TSX$96.42 – $170.65
Acura RL$102 – $170.11



It is the last German automaker on our list. Audi is a very popular brand worldwide that specializes in producing luxury and performance vehicles. They are based in Bavaria and are part of Volkswagen Group, their parent company. 

The price range for an Audi catalytic converter varies greatly between $173 and $1,595. You can find the exact value by using the serial number on the part. 

Audi ModelPrice
Audi a4$101.67 – 375.04
Audi a6$84.13 – $404.08
Audi q7$111.07 – $365.59
Audi s4$89.97 – $391.01
Audi TT$101.44 – $341.46
Audi a8$83.54 – $430.95
Audi a3$101.36 – $380.13


Headquartered in Yokohama, Isuzu Motors is a Japanese automobile manufactured with the principal activity of producing and marketing commercial vehicles. The engines produced by this company are used by several car manufacturers, including General Motors. The company was named after the Isuzu river, which flows in Japan.

The catalytic converters of Isuzu models are highly valued and worth more than $600. 

Isuzu ModelPrice
Isuzu NPR$90.40 – $260.15
Isuzu Rodeo$81.54 – $265.91
Isuzu box truck$101.25 – $322.43
Isuzu Trooper$101.21 – $317.51


Lexus is a luxury vehicle division of the automaker Toyota. This brand is present in more than 90 countries worldwide, and it’s Japan’s largest maker of premium vehicles. Lexus has their headquarters in Nagoya, but they operate from centers located in Belgium and United States. 

You should expect to get between $100 and $200 for a Lexus catalytic converter. Still, there are few buyers interested in purchasing them. 

Lexus ModelPrice
Lexus is300$94.30 – $409.55
Lexus ls400$94.30 – $409.55
Lexus gs300$83.10 – $331.66
Lexus es300$95.78 – $346.83
Lexus rx300$83.82 – $415.56
Lexus is250$94.30 – $409.55
Lexus is200$94.30 – $409.55
Lexus rx330$83.82 – $415.56


GMC is a division of the American manufacturer General Motors that focuses on trucks and utility vehicles. GMC manufactures SUVs, pickup trucks, and light-duty trucks. In the past, this company produced fire trucks and ambulances for the US government. 

You should expect between $97 to $127 for a General Motors catalytic converter, which is the part used for GMC vehicles. 

GMC ModelPrice
GMC Envoy$90.12 – $316.52
GMC Sierra$93.74 – $299.31
GMC yukon$101.41 – $256.51
GMC Sonoma$97.31 – $309.79
GMC Terrain$94.94 – $296.15
GMC Savana 3500$102.63 – $310.11
GMC Jimmy$91.43 – $302.23


Nissan has a luxury vehicle division named Infiniti, which has produced vehicles in North America since 1989. Nowadays, they serve 25 markets. It includes China and the Middle East. 

In 2022, Infiniti withdrew entirely from Russia along with other big companies. It is a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the company ended all production in this country. They further suspended the exports into Russia, and new car sales of Nissan and Infiniti in the countries are now forbidden. 

For an Infiniti catalytic converter, the price averages $1,300 for the part. Just like in every other part, there is a serial number on its edges. You can use it to find the exact price using specialized online tools and databases. 

Infiniti ModelPrice
Infiniti g37$92.38 – $238.14
Infiniti g35$97.21 – $252.65
Infiniti m35$89.65 – $212.42
Infiniti i30$102.46 – $246.19
Infiniti fx35$94.62 – $256.65


Buick is another division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors. It was the company that established General Motors in 1908 and is currently marketed as a premium brand in North America. They sell luxury vehicles to successful upper-class families.

For a Buick catalytic converter, the price ranges greatly. You can expect to get between $300 to $1,500 for each part, which you can sell online or at a scrap yard. 

Buick ModelPrice
Lesabre$93.75 – $386.12
Rendezvous$90.11 – $317.82
Lucerne$106.21 – $401.78
Lacrosse$78.28 – $296.32
Century$102.57 – $420.27

While other people shouldn’t have any business taking a cat converter, they’re often stolen because of the amount thieves can get for them. Depending on the type, you can easily get $250 for one. Avoid having a negative experience by installing a shield. Make a commitment to your car so that it has one and gases and compounds aren’t leaking. It’ll ensure its exhaust system passes an emissions test.

When shopping for one, refer to the table above to get an understanding of what a scrapyard may charge for a used one. Theft is unfortunately common, especially with diesel engines. Luckily, you have this free catalytic converter scrap price guide at your disposal to better understand market prices. Alternatively, you can visit Ecotrade.

Below we will discuss this component in detail and also present the prices for the most popular car manufacturers along with relevant information. This way, you will identify yours and calculate the approximate cost of your catalytic converter. There’s a reason why people steal cat converters from cars! Enjoy our free catalytic convert scrap price guide, including serial number-specific ones.

If you wish to look it up the catalytic converter scrap value by serial number, you can do that, but it won’t be free on all sites. That’s why our guide is so helpful!

Mazda catalytic converter

Why is recycling a thing?

Recycling is essential in all areas, as we should protect the environment and reduce pollution as much as possible. Catalytic converters are car parts that should be recycled instead of thrown away.

Platinum ore has to be extracted from deep tunnels, which requires lots of effort and energy. As these parts are recycled, they can be reused without the need to extract more minerals from mines. 

How to sell them & where to do it

GM catalytic converter

Selling your catalytic converter is easier than you thought, and there are many ways to do it. Firstly, you should prepare the component and remove any excessive pipes for easier shipping. 

Contact your buyer and provide the serial number and picture of the component. Negotiate with them on a price. After you both agree, you should start shipping it out. You can also bring the catalytic converter to a local scrap yard to get a quote.

Once the buyer receives the part and confirms the value, you will get paid. Selling online is easier nowadays, and you can reach out to buyers looking for this part. 


To summarize, if you have needed to find the catalytic convert scrap value for free, we hope we have you covered.

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