7 Best Macerator (Upflush) Toilet Pump Systems

One of the most apparent concerns is how to empty the holding tanks in your RV and sailboat on a trip.

Using the best macerator toilet pump system will help you overcome such hurdles. It also avoids blockages in your black tank wastewater systems, giving you a toilet on the go.

Read on if you need help picking which toilet pump system is perfect for your ride. You’ll surely find the answer.


As we tested the different products, we found the best macerator toilet pump system is Saniflo 023 Sanicompact. Here are the winners for each category:

  • Best durable macerator (upflush) toilet pump systems: Liberty Pumps
  • Best quiet model: Jabsco
  • Best for a basement: Silent Venus
  • Best upflush kit: Saniflo SaniPLUS
  • Best RV electric model for the money: Five Oceans
  • Best portable option for RV: Flojet

Why you can trust us & how we picked

This is a major concern once you leave the comfort of your home. Luckily, technology evolved, and there are lots of portable macerator toilet pump systems for your RV or boat.

While there are many options to choose from, not all of them deliver their promises. That’s why we ordered and analyzed each product based on a number of standards. Only those that met all of our requirements made it on this list.

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Best Macerator (Upflush) Toilet Pump Systems

Here is a list of the best macerator (upflush) toilet pump systems.

macerator toilet

1. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact – best compact design

Do you want to install a bathroom but lack sufficient space and funds? There is no need to worry. The redesigned Sanicompact dual-flush system with a built-in macerator for half-bathroom applications is what you are looking for. Take advantage of the space where you never thought it possible to add a bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Saniflo has been the original plumbing solution since 1958. The world’s trusted and tested brand in the industry today.

The Sanicompact system can be installed in any space where a gravity drain is impossible. It can easily be secured to the floor using the mounting hardware provided. Connecting a sink to it is also simple using the rubber hose provided.

Once installed, it can discharge up to 9 feet vertically or 120 feet across. It works on the same principle as a regular gravity toilet system. The trap channel is filled with water to prevent smells from escaping.

It has a dual-flush push button to reduce the amount of water used each flush from 1.28 gallons to a water-saving 1 gallon per flush. When the button is pressed, an electrical signal is sent to the circuit board positioned at the rear of the motor housing.

It is a self-contained, compact system suitable for small places and incredibly water-efficient and user-friendly. This model of upflush toilet is less costly than others. As a result, this is ideal for consumers on a tight budget. Despite its modest price, it maintains the qualities of an excellent upflush system.


  • Ideal for tight spaces.
  • Durable porcelain housing.
  • It was easy to install and we could also adjust it.


  • A little higher for short persons.
  • Water flow is too low.
Saniflo 023
For any space that requires a compact build, here's the one we recommend.
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎24 x 24 x 16.5 inches
Item Weight‎62.2 Pounds
Installation Method‎Floor Mounted

2. Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-EW (B008ESHC6K) – best durable option

It has a high price tag, but it is well worth it if you want a toilet that lasts long. It has cutting-edge RazorCut technology for optimal waste maceration and overall effectiveness.

With a 1.2 gallon per flush rating, it is WaterSense certified. It aids in the reduction of water wastage as well as the monthly cost of your water bill. It requires 1.9v batteries.

With a runtime of 3.5 hours, you don’t have to think about changing them out too frequently. This elongated toilet seat truly gives you more room and comfort.

This model can pump water from the sink next to the bowl. It is simple to set up and clean, and it has a gradual closing lid. Like other versions of upflush toilets, this item is pricey.


  • We love the advanced RazorCut technology.
  • Perfect for below-grade bathrooms.
  • WaterSense-certified.


  • Terrible with toilet paper.
  • The pump won’t shut off when the paper gets stuck on the sensor.
Liberty Pumps
We really like the removable service panel which has a bunch of benefits when it comes to plumbing and potential maintenance.
Name‎Liberty Pumps
Installation Method‎Floor Mounted
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎29.75 x 20 x 32.25 inches
Item Weight‎0.01 Ounces
Product Dimensions‎29.75 x 20 x 32.25 inches

3. Jabsco 37245 Electric unit – best quiet flush option

This model has an incredibly silent flush cycle and the functionality of a typical family toilet. It is a fantastic option since it works in any size or shape of a room. It has a single-button flush actuator and a dual-function water level control switch.

In terms of style, it comes with a Par Max 4 self-priming pump. It rinses the bowl only with high-quality seawater or lake water. It is available in a compact form to accommodate any little room or a half bath.

The high-capacity waste macerator and bolt discharge pump were also enhanced for maximum performance at a low cost.

The push-button simultaneously activates the rinse water supply and the discharge pump for convenience. The scavenger pump grinds and flushes at an astonishingly quick rate. In addition, the stainless steel design keeps mold and mildew at bay.


  • Ultra-quiet flush cycle.
  • We could activate the rinse water supply and discharge pump with a single button.
  • Minimizes water usage.


  • It has poorly designed switches, according to some reviews.
For marine purposes, you can't go wrong with this model from Jabsco. It doesn't quite have the design of other models, but we like its price tag.
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎25.51 x 25 x 20.98 inches
Item Weight‎2.2 Pounds
Material‎Vitreous China
Size‎Compact Size Bowl

4. Silent Venus White – best for a basement

This upflush system can convey slurry 19 feet vertically and over 200 feet horizontally to your sewage line. It is simple to install and does not require any construction or re-piping. It is super-quiet, registering only 39 dB.

The system weighs only 12.2 pounds and measures 24x14x16 inches, making it versatile and adaptable to any location.

Aside from that, it liquefies waste with a powerful electric pump and a steel cutting blade. A 0.5 HP motor could also remove greywater from sinks and showers. The best part is that it is water-efficient.


  • Can be installed without any major construction.
  • We didn’t have to create underfloor plumbing.
  • No venting is required.


  • There are no instructions provided in the box.
  • The pump is a little bit noisy.
Silent Venus
Maybe you're a person who wakes up in the middle of the night. Having a unit that operates at 39 dB can be what saves your marriage!

5. Saniflo SaniPLUS – best kit

This upflush toilet kit is more feature-rich than its peers. The clean white tone complements the decor of your bathroom.

It only requires 1.6 GPF, which is a significant advantage in water-stressed areas. It makes it ideal for anybody looking to reduce their water expenses.

Another notable characteristic of the product is its elongated white tank design. The macerating bathroom tank and stainless steel used are great to avoid bacteria and mildew.

The main benefit is that it may be installed 15 feet below the sewage line. It uses less water while providing high-quality sanitation. The model is pricey, but the quality deserves the cost.


  • Stainless steel construction ensures high durability.
  • We found it easy to install and adjust.
  • The motor is sealed in an oil-filled enclosure.


  • It is more expensive than other models.
There's no doubt that the SaniPLUS is an upgraded model. With 1.6 GPF, it's a great system if you're short on water.

6. Five Oceans TMC (B01GIN6WNG) – best electric RV option for the money

If you are looking for a system ideal for RVs, this is the best pick. The Five Oceans has a great deal of knowledge in the maritime and camping industries.

To macerate wastes and pump them into the tank, the TMC employs a high-capacity scavenger pump. It has an easy-to-clean slow-closing seat and a push-button flush. It also comes with china bowl features.

It’s also lightweight and compact and will fit well in your RV. At half the price of some of the more expensive brands, the price is competitive. The dimensions are 14.5×17.5×13 inches, ideal for a typical RV or boat.

This is specifically built for the maritime sector. The high-capacity scavenger pump and macerator crush the wastes and flush them into the septic tank. Compared to other popular models, this model offers excellent value for money.


  • We like the slow-closing lid.
  • It comes with complete accessories for easy installation.
  • High-capacity macerator pump.


  • It must be installed near the water source.
  • The pump inlet should not be more than 25″ above water level.
Five Oceans TMC
Whenever you're stocking your RV, you'll want smaller appliances and devices. The Five Oceans TMC is great for that specific purpose!

7. Flojet 1855-000A (B001HKZHIW)- best portable option for RV

The Flojet 18555 Portable RV Waste Pump makes your RV waste tanks drain a breeze.

It comes with a convenient, durable carrying bag to keep the device secure and compactly stowed when not in use.

It operates on a 12-volt direct current. It neatly processes black and grey water from holding tanks using a strong self-priming macerator pump. This is an excellent way to empty holding tanks on recreational vehicles quickly.


  • It handles hard objects as well as sanitary napkins and rags.
  • 12v DC permanent magnet-type motor.
  • Run-dry protection for up to 30 seconds.


  • It won’t last long compared to top units.
Flojet 1855-000A
Looking for a portable pump? Make sure to take a look at the Flojet 1855-000A!

What is a Macerator Toilet Pump? [Brief History]

Upflush toilets are also known as macerating ones. They are not new in the industry. For the past decades, Europeans have been accustomed to this system.

Saniflo is a world-renowned manufacturer of the best upflush toilet pump systems. They invented the first unit in Western Europe in 1958. Over the past decade, it has also become more prevalent in North American households.

It became pretty popular among RV owners as well as conventional American householders. The appeal stems from installing this type in unusual areas such as a basement or producing a temporary commode for renters or sailboats.

It became famous in household applications. It was primarily due to the flexibility for changing the layout of bathrooms and kitchens to different rooms.

This is attributed mainly to the proper disposal of toilet paper and other such waste created in daily life activities. Proper waste disposal from level to ground level sewers is also expected to generate substantial demand for the macerating system.

What exactly is it?

toilet in dark room

It is a system installed in or near a toilet that acts as a mixer. It grinds up toilet waste to be pushed via a conduit smaller than typical.

This allows toilets to be built in locations where they would not otherwise be possible. Toilets are not entirely dependent on gravity flow because of a pumping mechanism.

Furthermore, the alternatives for routing the pipes are expanded. For example, they can even be fitted below the level of sewage in a cellar.

How does it work?

A sewage system breaks up larger chunks of black water into a slurry. It will keep anything from clogging and allow microbial activity to break down wastewater quickly. It is initially found in sewage treatment plants.

It can be used if it is impractical to install another toilet in your home and expect it to run by gravity. The toilet will flush to a tank near the second toilet, usually behind it.

The pump will then turn the solids into a slurry and pour them into the ordinary sewage drains via a tiny diameter pipe.

toilet seen from above

This may also be seen in a ship, which is frequently paired with creating a vacuum for emptying the bathroom lines. It is the case with most cruise ships manufactured nowadays.

The pump used in domestic homes may also function in a vacuum. It is the ideal option if you want more than one extra bathroom. It’s great in a home transformed into a guest house or small hotel.

Modern RVs feature upflush units, which feel more like using a residential household toilet. It solely employs gravity to discharge waste into the black tank when a button is pressed.

Choosing the correct type of upflush toilet is simple, given the abundance of available models. Here are our top picks:

Installation instructions

A macerating toilet can provide a good toilet in an uncommon locations such as RVs and a basement. This is linked to a macerator mechanism.

It pushes waste via an output pipe after being ground up with stainless steel blades. Because it goes underneath the toilet and links to piping that delivers waste up through a central plumbing system, it should be fixed first.

The installation of such units differs from regular toilets, so let us show you how to do it:

Factors to consider

macerator toilet seen from the back

When deciding on the best unit to add to your ride for a trip, here are factors to consider when buying a macerator toilet. They will ensure that you get the best model for yourself, allowing you to get more value for the money you’re spending.

Toilet seat

Anti-bacterial toilet seats are something you should consider if you want to maintain proper hygiene while on the road. Some toilet seats also come with child locks, which are ideal if you’re traveling with kids.

Flush mechanism

A quiet flushing mechanism is necessary for busy households, but you might not need one for your boat. However, some camping spaces have strict rules about noise levels, which is something to consider if you’re getting a toilet for your RV.

Motor power rating

This rating can range from 250 to 600W. The greater the power rating, the more powerful and quiet the motor. The efficiency of your toilet increases with its power, as you won’t have to double flush.

How much does a macerator toilet pump system cost?

As we tested the different products, we found that a macerator toilet pump system usually costs between $400 and $1,300. It is significantly more than the cost of a standard toilet.

Accessories and fittings are upfront since you still need an outlet to dispose of the trash. It requires drilling a hole in the wall and connecting it to a separate outlet. There are also electrical outlets required.

Labor fees are also considered. How much would a plumber charge in comparison to a standard installation? Depending on their knowledge, you may also require the services of an electrician.

No one can indeed provide a price without seeing the project and what’s involved. It will surely be in the hundreds. Nonetheless, the unit is a one-time expense that delivers long-term comfort and peace of mind.

When and Where to Use it?

There are a few reasons why you might use it. Suppose you have a bathroom in your basement below your primary drain/sewage pipe level. You will need this system to pump effluent up to your drain system.

The macerator toilet is equipped with a tank and a pump. When it is flushed, the liquid enters the tank. A specifically built macerator pump is mixed with the particles before being pumped out.

You might need an MT if you’re remodeling a bathroom in a location where traditional drain waste venting is impossible. It could also be prohibitively expensive. The wastewater can be piped horizontally or vertically to a draining stack.

It aims to grind the waste into smaller particles to flow more quickly through the waste system. It is more commonly utilized in systems that collect garbage in a lower area, such as a basement.

It pumps it up to the sewage system at street level. This is usually positioned at the collection point rather than in the bathroom. It’s because it is loud and requires a flow to function correctly.

On a boat, it’s a smaller version of how it operates on a ship. There are several methods for getting black water to the macerator stage of a sewage treatment plant. It depends on whether it is done by gravity or suction.

Advantages of Using the System


Maceration is the process of reducing a bulk substance or component to tiny particles. It allows for more effortless movement and processing. A periodic accumulation of solid to semi-solid waste in sewer and discharge pipelines frequently leads to pipe choking.

This problem has been common in span from the pipe material regularly. Outfitting the system keeps the pumping components in good working order by shielding them from scraps and hard waste.

The system offers several benefits with just a few negatives, such as its noise when being used. The numerous benefits outweigh the few downsides. The unit’s public and household pipeline and drainage systems are expected to improve. It means it aids in the reduction of real issues caused by the formation of solid particles in pumps and pipes.

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