10 best metal covers for campers

Leaving behind the city’s noise and traveling across the country requires plenty of planning. Whether you’re hoping to make a romantic getaway or go on an adventure with your mates, spending days on the road is not an easy job. You’re bound to feel homesick, yearning for your bed and a home-cooked meal. But with the recent trend of van life taking the entire country by storm, there may be an option too good to be true. 

You get to enjoy life on the road with an RV or a trailer. But with the comforts of a home. You would never want to go back from a fully functional kitchen to a storage space. But when you eventually do, parking your camper might become an issue. Unlike a car, you can’t park in front of your lawn or by the street. RVs are pretty large vehicles that demand sufficient space. Additionally, local laws require a proper garage setup for cars of such might. 


As we tested different products, it was clear to us that the best metal shelters and carport kits to provide cover for RVs & campers were Arrow Shed products. Here is a summary of our findings and the different categories:

  • Best overall carport: Arrow Shed
  • Best small carport: Sojag
  • Best RV & camper cover: Vevor

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18x46x14 RV carport

We’re here to provide a solution if you’re worried you’ll have to change your summer plans to stay at a hotel. You don’t have to rethink camping trips or unpack your luggage for the trailer. All you need to do is invest in a carport that can house your RV. 

We’ve gathered a few options that will be ideal for your travel trailer. Regardless of the make and the model, we’ve got a port for everyone. You’ll have a wide variety, from sturdy metal covers to portable options. 

Best metal covers & carport kits for campers

Here’s a list of the best RV carports and covers for your camper.

Best RV carports

Building a carport is no rocket science. You can provide a home to your trailer with a few metal bars and a sound structure. But depending on the size of the camper, things might get too complicated. If you’re trying to avoid the hassle of building everything from scratch, here are a few options that only require assembly.  

RV carport

20’ length

Sojag 20×12 ft Samara with Aluminum Frame

When you’re introducing a new element to your house, it’s recommended to invest in a durable and sturdy piece. Building a carport might not be the easiest task. After all, it requires patience and careful planning. Instead of agreeing to the cheapest option, consider the value it provides for the money spent. The brand Sojag understands the consumers’ sentiments unlike any other. It combines affordability with strength and introduces a metallic carport. 

While the roof is made of galvanized steel, the frame is constructed from rustproof aluminum. With the Samara carport, you won’t have to run outside to cover the shelter every time it rains. In addition to the immense strength of the structure, its contemporary design is quite pleasing to the eye. And suppose you’re concerned about paying additional charges to assemble the carport. In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that you could build it without professional help.

NameSojag Samara
Item model number20′ x 12′
Item Weight631 pounds
Product Dimensions243.7 x 149.37 x 116.14 inches

The metal roof reflects any UV rays that would otherwise damage your RV’s surface. The 20 ft long carport is wide enough to house a medium-sized RV without difficulty. Additionally, its open design makes it tremendously easy to access the vehicle. 


  • It’s great if you don’t need anything tall underneath.
  • It has a stylish feel and is easy to install.


  • It’s not very tall.
  • It’s sometimes unavailable on Amazon.
Sojag 20' x 12' Samara Carport
Make sure the height works for your vehicle.

24’ length

Arrow Shed 20×24 ft 29-Gauge with Steel Roof Panels

An RV might be a home away from home, but its parking spot doesn’t have to be. When you return from a long journey, all you need is the warmth of a familiar place. Similarly, your vehicle craves the same affection and sense of belonging. By investing in a sturdy carport, you not only protect your vehicle against any safety concerns but also cut down on potential maintenance costs.   

The metal carport by Arrow Shed measures about 24 ft long and 20 ft wide. It’s spacious enough to hold a cozy motorhome. The open-wall design also means you can check up on the vehicle at any time of the day. To prove its commitment to strength and durability, the brand uses industrial grade, 15-gauge steel to construct the frame. Similarly, the roof features horizontal panels of galvanized steel that protect your vehicle against the sun and rain. 

NameArrow Shed
Item model number20′ x 24′
Item Weight1417 pounds
Product Dimensions290.75 x 243 x 118 inches

The structure will stand its ground even if the wind blows at 100 mph. With all the benefits already listed, you’re probably gearing up to purchase the metal carport. However, you may be further delighted to know that assembling the carport is no rocket science either. You don’t have to spend additional money on hiring professional help.   


  • It’s a really spacious carport.


  • It’s not always available on Amazon.
  • It’s not quite as elegant as the previous product.
Arrow Shed 20' x 24' 29
It's pretty big.

47’ length

Arrow Shed 14×47 ft 29-Gauge Metal

A fifth-wheel RV may be spacious enough to hold your family and a few friends. But when it comes to finding a parking space, it’s always a hassle. You often have to go out of your way to find a suitable spot. Typically, this means parking your vehicle in the middle of a field. Not only do you risk your safety, but you leave the car at the mercy of nature. 

However, you’d be a lot more relieved if you had a spacious enough carport to return to. The 47 ft long metal carport by Arrow Shed guarantees to safeguard your vehicle against all damage. Whether you’re worried about the damage from UV traditions or the rains, the carport has got you covered. With the galvanized steel painted an eggshell white, the roof bounces off any harmful UV rays. The industrial-grade steel frame also stands tall in the face of the deadliest storm

Country of OriginUSA
Item model number14′ x 47′ x 14′
Item Weight1575 pounds
Product Dimensions559.5 x 171 x 192 inches

The metal RV carport is easy to assemble and guarantees to last a lifetime. With the durability offered by the brand, your grandchildren will likely inherit it from you before it begins to crumble. It’s definitely the best RV carport out there.


  • It is the premium for your RV.


  • It’s not always available for purchase.
Arrow 14' x 47' x 14'
Is it big enough?

Best RV covers

What’s the point of spending thousands of dollars on an item you can’t flaunt in front of your friends and coworkers? You don’t buy an expensive diamond necklace only for it to remain locked inside a safe. Similarly, you want the entire neighborhood to see the vehicle you spent all your savings on. But just as you carefully tuck away expensive jewels after a night out, you must also take care of your RV the same way. We assure you you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show your friends your home on wheels. 

So before your RV is exposed to some unwarranted damage, here are a few covers that you can choose from:

VEVOR, 30-33 ft

Let go of all fears of wear and tear. With Vevor’s RV cover by your side, you can fearlessly conquer any weather. The cover is made of non-woven fabric that leaves no space for mistakes. With its 4-ply, extra-thick cloth, water and sunshine wouldn’t dare peek through. 

The cover will likely last you longer than your RV. Its material is stretchable, so it snuggly fits the RV and leaves no nook exposed. Additionally, you don’t have to remove the cover whenever you want to check up on your vehicle. All you need to do is pull the zipper guarding the engine and the doorway open. Whether you live in Antarctica’s sub-zero temperature or the Sahara desert’s scorching heat, the cover vows to protect against all. From dust to hail, the non-woven fabric is completely impenetrable. 

NameVEVOR RV Cover
Item Weight‎26.2 pounds
Model‎RV Cover
Product Dimensions‎22 x 15 x 15 inches

Retailing at a little over $150, the RV cover by Vevor is a worthy investment. It measures about 22x15x15 ft and can easily cover a small to medium RV.     


  • It’s a great budget option to keep your RV covered.


  • It’s not a carport.
You'll love this cover.

ADCO 52256 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed 5th Wheel RV Cover 34-37 ft

Come rain or sunshine, Adco’s designer series RV cover is here to stay. We assure you by the time we’re done listing all the reasons this is a top-notch product. You wouldn’t even want to think about any other product.

Owning a fifth-wheel RV is strenuous for multiple reasons. But at the top of the list is the time and the money it costs to maintain the vehicle. Therefore, you need a cover that reduces the effort of keeping the RV in good condition. With Adco’s aqua shed cover, you’re provided maximum resistance against humidity and rainfall. Even if there’s a record-breaking sandstorm, your RV will remain spotless. The triple-layer polypropylene fabric goes as far as protecting the vehicle against damage from UV rays. Additionally, the two-tonal design makes your vehicle look right out of the terminator movie.   

NameADCO 52256 Designer Series SFS
Country of Origin‎China
Item Weight‎18.2 pounds
Product Dimensions‎23.6 x 23.6 x 18.2 inches

Retailing at about $330, you might think you’re being overcharged. But we assure you, the value the cover provides for the money spent is far greater. Don’t look at how much it costs but how much it saves in repair and maintenance.      


  • ADCO has produced a thing of wonder with this cover.
  • It’s a perfect fit.


  • We were originally shipped the wrong size, but it was corrected.
ADCO 52256
It's a higher-end cover.

Portable carports

The luxury of a home has been made available on wheels. So, it’s time for you to do the same for your garage. With your RV always on the road, you can’t return home every day to safely tuck the vehicle to sleep. Somedays, you’ll have to park by the side of the road. But that shouldn’t mean you bear any additional cost or damage. Instead, you invest in a portable carport. For the same price, you can protect your RV against any damage. Even when on an adventure, you won’t have to worry about incurring any additional repair charges. 

Here are a few portable models that we guarantee you’ll love:

Caravan Canopy 12000211010 Side Wall Kit

The ivory-colored tent is a picture of elegance. Caravan Canopy ensures you don’t compromise on your style, even when looking for ways to protect your RV against water damage. The kit weighs about 12 pounds and measures 20×10 ft. 

You don’t want to get stuck with an elaborately laid out puzzle when you’re on the road. Instead, you’re looking for quick assembly and a sturdy structure. Luckily, the side wall kit by Caravan Canopy is all that at a mere price of $110. It may not come equipped with a top and frame, but it provides immense value for money.  

Abba Patio 10×20 ft Heavy Duty Carport

If you’re on the hunt for a carport that doubles as a wedding tent or a market stall when it isn’t used to park RVs and trucks, you’re in the right place. The carport by Abba Patio is a multi-purpose product that guarantees to make every last penny spent worth it. 

The portable garage comes equipped with a metal frame made of steel. The heavy-duty metallic structure can go years without rusting. You’re likely to sell your RV before the carport bears any damage. It has a multi-layered fabric that protects the vehicle and the metallic frame from UV radiation or water damage. You can use the removable doors to check up on your car without disassembling the entire structure. And when the RV is away, you can always double it as a picnic tent and invite friends. 

Weighing about 137 pounds, you won’t have to call for additional help and can single-handedly save the day.     


  • It feels heavy duty as the manufacturer claims.


  • We had a question for the manufacturer and had trouble getting in touch with them.

Best RV shelters

Before purchasing a travel trailer, you spend tens of hours searching the internet for advice. You want to invest in a product that provides high value for the money spent. After you’ve purchased it, you tend to take it for granted. Consequently, your maintenance and repair charges increase multiple folds. One sure way of avoiding this additional cost is by purchasing a shelter that guarantees to protect your vehicle against all damage. 

Here are a few products that deliver exactly what they advertise: 

Advance Outdoor 13×20 ft Garage Tent

You can paint your RV the brightest shade of yellow or red. But when picking an RV shelter, you need a dark fabric. Advance outdoor understands your commitment to protecting your vehicle. Therefore, they’ve designed a cover that uses high-quality material and provides the best value for money. In addition to all that, it’s really easy to set up. You won’t have to call for outside help or use advanced tools to set up the frame. 

The gray shelter measures 13×20 ft and is your best bet against deadly UV rays and snowstorms. It incorporates two roll-up doors that can be zipped open and closed without much effort. Instead of removing the entire shelter to take a look at your RV, all you have to do is roll the zipper down. Additionally, it features a state-of-the-art ventilation system that prevents moisture buildup.

Suppose the durability and affordability factors aren’t enough to win you over. In that case, you’ll be delighted to know that it comes with a one-year warranty. 


  • The tent is definitely higher quality.
  • Great customer support


  • It’s a bit pricey.
You'll love this garage tent.

ShelterLogic 13×20 ft Garage-in-a-Box

When investing in a high-quality shelter, the price is too high, or the fabric isn’t sturdy enough. You’ll probably need a miracle to find a product that fits your ideal description. At least, that’s what most salesmen have told you. ShelterLogic sympathizes with all RV owners and introduces a cost-effective and sturdy product. 

The gray polyethylene shelter stands firm even in the wildest storms. It features a high-grade steel frame with a premium finish to prevent rust, peeling, and chipping. Similarly, the tough fabric cover is a triple-layer material that is waterproof and held strongly together with heat-sealed seams. It’s evident from the picture that ShelterLogic aimed at providing durability. Your RV is more likely to retire before the shelter does. 

The fabric’s inner lining protects the vehicle against harmful UV and UVB rays. It’s also spacious enough not to suffocate your RV or test your parking skills.  


  • We’ve had it survive 2 years now. It’s great!
  • It’s very roomy and versatile.
  • It has held up well against some winds.


  • The instructions could have been better.
ShelterLogic 13' x 20' x 12'
You can store lots of things in here.

ShelterLogic 16x36x16 ft Garage

What if we told you there’s an RV shelter on the market that is not only easy to set up and maintain and has the strength of an army base camp? You’ll most probably think that sounds too good to be true. But ShelterLogic is here to bring you something unimaginable. 

The green ripstop polyethylene cover sits on a premium powder-coated high-grade steel frame, forming an unshakeable structure. With its clever design and top-notch quality, it’s not a force to be reckoned with. You can set up the frame without any professional help. It’s sturdily held together by stabilizers. Even in an earthquake, the shelter is bound to stand its ground. If the strength alone isn’t enough to convince you, the size and protection against harmful radiation might interest you. Measuring about 16x36x16 ft, the shelter cover can house any vehicle comfortably.

Come rain or shine, the shelter’s waterproof cover will safeguard your vehicle against all. 


  • With a height of 16 ft, it’s huge.
  • It feels really well-designed.


  • It takes a while to put together.
ShelterLogic Garage 16 x 36 x 16
It should fit most RVs.

Factors to consider

When you’re choosing the right cover or carport kit for your RV or camper, there are a range of factors to consider. Let’s walk you through them.


There’s no doubt that the budget is a significant factor when choosing the right cover. They come in various price ranges, and it’s up to you to figure out what works in the situation you’re in.


Some covers are made of metal, whereas others may be made of cloth or something else. It’s obviously harder to pack up a metal kit than it is to include a cloth cover in your camper. The choice is yours!


If you’re choosing a stationary option, you’ll want to consider the height. You don’t want a carport that’s not tall enough for your camper. If you’re considering changing your model, you’ll also want to check how tall your new model is.


The solution you’re going with will determine what the right type of product is for you. If you want something you can pack up, you might choose a cloth cover as opposed to a carport. It’s really important you consider the function!


Some brands are known for their quality work, and others are less so. Consider researching the brand before you commit to a purchase that can set you back at least several hundred dollars.


You’re investing a lot in this product, so you’ll want to make sure it’s durable. If you live in a climate that has a lot of humidity, it’s especially important that a carport is not made of a metal that’s prone to rusting.


Installing a carport can be a big endeavor. If you have to install the cover yourself, in whichever form, you’ll want to make sure the installation process is one you’re capable of handling.


The design’s important. It needs to match the feel you’re trying to accomplish with the house. If you don’t want something overpowering, choosing a cloth cover might be better than a massive carport.

Why you can trust us & how we picked

We have a ton of experience in the consumer industry and the built world, which is why we believe we’re great at choosing the best carports for you. We wanted to present a range of options for every buyer, regardless of budget. Besides all the testing we did ourselves, we were rigorous in going through reviews. We even contacted different companies with questions.

How much does a camper cover or RV carport kit cost?

Camper covers or RV carport kits come in a range of cost ranges, ranging from roughly $150 to $8,000. The former is a cloth cover, whereas the latter is a full-on metal carport.

Average sizes of RVs

It wasn’t long ago when travel trailers were associated with an anti-social way of life. Until recently, the RV lifestyle was frowned upon by the common folk. More than the general disdain towards it, people could not understand its value. Everyone wondered why someone would willingly choose to live inside a vehicle when they could live in perfectly good houses made of brick and mortar. 

However, the sentiments quickly changed once the van life began trending. All of a sudden, everyone wanted to travel by road. It became clear that you could see the world without compromising your comfort. The only question that remained was what’s the ideal size for you

The answer to this question varies greatly, depending on who you plan to go on the trip with. If you’re thinking of a cross-country trip with your family, you would need an RV big enough to house all the members and still have sufficient storage space. But a cozier trailer would get the job done if you wanted to make a romantic getaway.

In terms of popularity, the average size falls under the 34-45 ft range. The Newmar Essex measures 45 ft, and the Thor Palazzo measures about 38 ft. RVs are divided into different classes, which helps us better understand the different sizes. Most class A RVs measure around 26 to 45 ft in length. Class B measures 17 to 23 ft. Lastly, class C measures around 21 to 41 ft. 

Class B includes notably smaller RVs. In contrast, class A contains monstrous sizes. Therefore, an average size across the different classes would measure about 32 ft.   

travel trailer carport (1)

Roof ideas

When choosing between strength and artistry, most prefer the former. Artistry may be a treat to the eyes, but it’s useless if an object cannot provide practical value. However, a life without art is not a life worth living. Therefore, we’ve come up with a middle ground to satisfy your artistic and practical urges.

For strength and durability, you can opt for a metallic structure that can comfortably house your RV. But to feed your inner artist, you can choose from a wide range of covers available. You can customize the entire look, from the cover’s fabric downright to its pattern.

You can warp metallic sheets over the carport’s roof if you want an all-metal look. But if you want to go old school, you can have wooden panels introduced on the top. If you live in a region that is not prone to heavy rains or wind, you can opt for a thick fabric.        

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