Best portable workbenches for a garage

Just as artistic expression can’t be contained within four walls, neither can be an artist. The entire world is an artist’s playground. But for a pro or a Craftsman, art is wherever the workbench is.


As we tested a bunch of products, we found that the best portable workbench for a garage was Worx WX051. The runner-up as the best portable workbench for a garage was Seville Classics UHD20247B.

Here’s a list of all the category winners:

workmate portable work bench

Why you can trust us & how we picked

Every garage needs to have a workbench, and it’s even better when it’s portable. With increased mobility, you can be flexible when you are working on your projects. We tested several models before picking winners for each category. Whether you want a cheap but valuable option or a premium one, we thought about everything.

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You might often find yourself restricted to the bounds of your workspace. It surely can’t be great for the creative juices to flow! You’re either stuck with a permanent workspace that disrupts creativity or risks your safety by managing heavy and sharp tools in odd places.

Well, what if we were to tell you there’s a third way that could potentially change your entire garage experience?

portable workbenches

The best portable workbench picks

Here are our favorite picks of all the reviewed products and the best portable workbenches.

Heavy-duty options – for all the heavy lifting

Portable workbenches provide the much-needed leveled surface without the commitment of a single workspace. In addition, it takes into account your requirements for safety and style.

Keep reading the guide to figure out a portable workbench that is best for you. We’ve got the best portable workbenches for your garage that cater to all your needs, from folding to rolling. We’ve also got ones that come with drawers.

Maybe you’ve thought about scaling down your projects. Your current workbench couldn’t bear the burden. If so, these articles are just right for you.

1. Black + Decker (WM425-A) – Portable Model & Project Center

workmate 425

The WM425-A is a product that emanates strength and stability. With a capacity of about 550 lbs, it is ideal for all your big projects. The worktop is a sheet of laminated bamboo stalk with adjustable clamps to give you complete freedom over your projects. The adjustable jaws and clamps secure the structure safely in place, ideal for a woodworker!

Its frame is a marvelous structure that is the perfect combination of sturdy and lightweight, standing at about 42 lbs. It’s made from heavy-gauge steel that can be adjusted for desired height. In addition, the model is very convenient and collapsible. As a consequence, it takes up less storage.

Overall, we think it’s a compact model that sells strength as its central focus. Especially with added stability from the footrest, you’re guaranteed safety and soundness.

One of the reviewers raved about still having his model from the 1980s and how happy he’s been about it!


  • Because it is not heavy, we decided to store ours on the wall when not in use.
  • This is a portable workbench. Put it in your trunk and do your projects anywhere you want


  • A lot of plastic included in the belt
  • Instructions are not easy to follow and understand
Workmate 425
This product from a reputable company provides the versatility you're looking for!

2. Worx (WX051)


Double the fun in the price of one! The Worx WX051 workbench conveniently doubles as a sawhorse. It provides added strength and functionality. This product is ideal for artisans who like to move around a lot but need a robust surface to get more done. The Pegasus weighs only 30 lbs but supports an astonishing 300 lbs. If that wasn’t enough, you could triple the capacity to 1000 lbs by folding it into a sawhorse.

The Pegasus is made out of dependable ABS with steel fittings. The collapsible model is easy to move around and add on to. You can easily attach another Pegasus or any other Worx table into a bigger, sturdier structure for added space.

Its clamping system snuggles your pieces perfectly, holding them in a stable position. And with its engraved measuring guides, forget about carrying a tape measure.

Altogether, the Pegasus gives excellent value for money! Moreover, its sturdy design is guaranteed to last you a long time.

It’s no surprise the Worx WX051 is our chosen value option as it far outperforms brands like Keter and Kreg!

NameWorx (WX051)
Included Components‎Work Table, 2 clamps, 4 clamp dogs
Item Weight‎30 pounds
Pattern‎Table & Sawhorse
Product Dimensions‎27.17 x 37.04 x 6.3 inches


  • Highly versatile, we used this workbench both for serious and simple projects.
  • It folds down easily, and you can store it anywhere


  • Clamps will slip often.
  • Once opened, the table is slightly angled and not flat
Not many products get such high ratings that Amazon displays 5 stars. The WORX WX051 has an impressive rating of 4.8/5

3. Keter

It’s collapsible and durable. It also feels incredibly sturdy. We’d go as far as saying it’s the holy trinity of workbenches! The Jobmade weighs less than 30 lbs and can be compressed into a case. You can quickly move it around because f it. In addition, its compact design makes storage possible even in the slimmest spaces.

But that doesn’t mean it compromises on its weight capacity. For what it weighs, it offers a great deal! It can hold up to 1000 lbs and provides storage space for all your tools and instruments.

The worktop is made of heavy-duty resin, with aluminum legs for added strength. The Jobmade is conveniently easy to set up and will last you a long time.

Overall, it’s weather-resistant and sturdy. We love just how compact the model is, and it’s a good offer at this price point.


  • We made good use of the small detachable storage container underneath the table.
  • It can fit in an apartment.
  • No need to have a garage or workshop


  • The table started wobbling once we placed heavy weights on it.
KETER's model is a great cheap option, but admittedly not the first one we'd pick at the price tag.

Folding options – endless possibilities for your wildest dreams

Artisanship and woodwork are not your typical 9-5 jobs. With an immovable workbench that takes up half your garage, it can certainly start to feel like one. Instead of settling into a typical lifestyle, how about you get a folding workbench and make the entire world your office?

4. Kreg (KWS1000) – Mobile Project Center:

Suppose you’re looking for a workbench that conveniently doubles as a sawhorse and assembly table. In that case, this is the product for you. It’s also great as a clamping station. The Kreg KWS1000 is a lightweight table that folds into a compact structure. With this collapsible model, you no longer have to worry about storage.

Gone are the days you’d clear out your entire garage to make a workspace. You can carry this 40lb beast wherever you’ve got space available.

Along with portability, the KWS1000 brings stability to your work-life. Its vertical and horizontal clamps firmly hold the structure in place, while the heavy-gauge steel legs provide a solid base. Additionally, it provides a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.

All in all, the Kreg KWS1000 stands out for its versatility. You can quickly restructure the Kreg KWS1000 to serve a different purpose. Fold it to make a sawhorse, or use the clamps to hold your item in place. Connect it with another to accommodate more extensive projects.


  • Because it is made of high-quality metal, this workbench is strong and durable
  • We found lots of places to hold our tools


  • If you are not careful, this table will pinch you often
Kreg KWS1000
If you're looking for an option folds, the Kreg KWS1000 is a great one to consider.

5. Wen (WB2322T)

Are you looking for a way to reduce clutter? Maybe the Wen WB2322T could be your answer.

The WB2322T weighs almost 28lbs but supports a heavy-duty steel foundation, making it lightweight. It’s impressively sturdy and ideal for most pros. Its selling feature is the adjustable height, which allows you to repurpose it anywhere from 29 to 41 inches.

This adjustment makes it convenient for you to take on projects you’d otherwise let go of due to the model’s limitations. But that’s not all! With the model’s collapsible design, you no longer have to worry about finding a storage space or dreading moving the WEN WB2322T.

Overall, the compact design is highly portable. The clamping system provides additional stability to your projects. If all that wasn’t enough to convince you, it comes with a couple of measuring instruments and a 2-year warranty!


  • We were able to cut wood without damaging the table
  • Easy to assemble with precise instructions provided


  • When forced, the back end will disenage from the locking mechanism when forced
The WEN WB2322T has some seriously cool engineering in how it was built! It also feels very sturdy to use.

6. Worx (WX066)

With extraordinary features comes a price tag that is also a little too extraordinary. However, the WX066 offers stability and portability. It does so with impressive sturdiness and support. It all comes at a more affordable price point.

The Worx WX066 might offer a 300-pound weight capacity, but the structure itself weighs only 14 pounds! You can complete heavier projects and move the workspace around with little hassle. In addition, the collapsible design simmers down to a case that you can easily carry around.

The body is constructed using rugged ABS and steel legs, which stand testament to its sturdiness. With its cleverly designed clamping system and inter-webbed legs, rest assured your project is under stable hands.

Name‎Worx WX066
Frame Material‎Metal
Item Dimensions‎37 x 5.75 x 12.99 inches
Item Weight‎14 Pounds
Power Source‎corded-electric


  • Because it is lightweight, anyone can lift it
  • After we finished testing it, the workbench folded easily
  • You can store it anywhere you want when folded


  • You have to be very specific with your purpose.
  • It lacks versatility.
  • When we placed a heavy object on it, the table was not stable
Worx WX066
With a capacity of up to 300 lbs, this Worx model seems capable of doing everything you could imagine at the price tag.

Workbenches with drawers – extra space for the extraordinary

We live in the age of innovation. From self-driving cars to artificial intelligence, we’ve got it all. Well, almost. Just like the pockets of our jeans are still not big enough to hold a phone, our workbenches come without storage space or drawers. But fret not. We have a solution to one of those problems.

7. Todoscope (TDC-7241-R)

If you are looking to amp-up your workspace with a durable workbench also a style statement, this might be the perfect product!

It is constructed using durable steel, and it’s further coated to make the surface rust-resistant and anti-corrosion. So not only are you getting a robust metal frame but one that will last you a long time. In addition, it can support up to 200 lbs while only weighing about 45 lbs itself.

But let’s talk about its selling feature – the top drawer. Along with a wide worktop, the design comes equipped with a drawer towards the right. The drawer provides ample space to hold your tools and instruments with great ease. But that’s not all!

It has four additional tray areas to hang about your screwdrivers and wrenches. Additionally, the height of the design can be adjusted anywhere from 34 to 47 inches. Also, can it be rolled around with the help of its four heavy-duty wheels?

Overall, it’s pretty challenging to say no to a durable and sturdy TODOCOPE TDC-7421-R!


  • Ideal for professional use.
  • It will fit in any workshop.
  • Portable, we moved it in and out of the garage often with the help of its wheels.


  • It might not be suitable for heavy and complex projects.
When you're getting drawers, you are also giving up some of the weight capacity. The TODOSCOPE is a great, versatile option for your garage.

8. Fleximounts – with Drawers & Garage Station

When you picture a garage, you think of a crowded space cluttered with tools and old furniture. But what if we could introduce an alternative design. It’s a modern workplace with a polished outlook! If you like the concept, this is the best portable workbench for you.

The Fleximounts have a premium quality steel frame that stands sturdy, holding up to an astonishing 3000 lbs of weight! In addition, the worktop is constructed using pure rubberwood. It provides the right combination of durability and elegance. With little effort, it weighs about 72 pounds. You can move the Fleximounts from one place to another with relative ease. The adjustable leveling feet at the end of the steel legs ensure your bench remains stable even on unleveled ground.

In addition to sturdiness, impeccable weight capacity is a great feature to have. It even has a sleek design. The drawer is part of the countertop and can easily be slid open to store all the necessary tools.


  • It took us less than 40 minutes to assemble.
  • The drawer is useful, and we store our tools there


  • No instructions were provided.
  • They have to be downloaded manually.
You're not getting the convenience of wheels with this model, but you are getting a 3,000 lbs weight capacity instead!

8. Seville Classics (UHD20247B)

Designed like a classic office cubicle, it looks out for all your storage needs. But that’s not all. It also factors in the mix’s strength, durability, and longevity.

Seville Classics UHD20247B is designed with a heavy-duty steel frame and a solid wood worktop that can hold up to 500 pounds. It has not one but two drawers. It’s made of stainless steel and guaranteed to satisfy all your storage needs.

Suppose you’re not yet convinced, even after hearing about the model’s ample storage space. There are some other features to persuade you. For instance, it comes equipped with a power surge to plug in your tools.

Now for the man of the moment – the pegboard! The work center is adorned with a pegboard that stands in the background with 23 hooks to hang your tools. Additionally, this board has a built-in fluorescent light to brighten your day!

Name‎Seville Classics
Color‎Granite Gray
Finish Type‎Powder Coated
Furniture Finish‎Stainless Steel
Item Weight‎69 Pounds
Number of Drawers‎2
Product Dimensions‎48″D x 24″W x 65.5″H
Top Material Type‎Beech Wood


  • High-quality materials with a durable finish make this table extremely sturdy.
  • The quality of this workbench exceeds its price
  • We were able to fit it in a small room


  • No instructions manual provided
  • The installation is quite difficult without any guidance
Seville Classics
You're not just getting drawers, you're also getting a place to hang your various tools!

Rolling options – to keep the ball rolling

Packaging up your entire workplace and moving to a different spot has perks. But some days, you’re just looking to roll a few meters to the right. The rolling feature especially becomes necessary when the table isn’t light enough to be picked up and carried on. So, here are a few good options for when you’re looking for just a little movement.

9. Husky – 18-Drawer Option with Adjustable Height & Solid Wood Top

A sleek black body that is guaranteed to add an element of mystery to your garage workspace! Apart from the visual aesthetics, the Husky offers abundant storage and a sound design.

The Husky is crafted using 19-Gauge steel coated with a powder finish for added durability. It offers 18 drawers to hold everything from your hammer to your ax. In addition, it offers adjustable height.

The height ranges anywhere from 38 to 48 inches. The overall design might not be so compact, but we can hardly complain about a weight capacity of about 2400 pounds.

We’re now focusing on the star feature – the casters! The model has six casters, making pushing a 460-pound heavy object a piece of cake. The wheels have locks, which can be pressed down once you’re done moving them. This way, it stays intact in one place! Of course, only until you unlock and roll again!


  • The wheels make the table easier to move around
  • Lots of storage spaces included


  • Weighing 100 pounds, this workbench is very heavy

10. Goplus with Casters

The most straightforward designs take the cake when it comes to elegance. For instance, this Goplus is an ideal combination of classy and practical.

It is crafted using a Bamboo top, polished to perfection. With this article, you’d have no complaints about cleaning. The frame is made using heavy-duty steel to ensure that it can hold up to 1100 pounds. Additionally, its height adjustment feature adds to its efficient nature. It allows you to readjust anywhere from 30-40 inches.

The model supports four casters with safety locks. These casters allow uncontrolled movement of the Goplus, regardless of how heavy a project you got going on!

All in all, it is a great multipurpose tool. You can use it to assemble products or build new projects; the only barrier is your imagination.


  • The adjustable legs allowed us to place this table almost anywhere
  • Easy to put together with clear instructions provided


  • The bamboo top might crack under heavy loads
This Goplus isn't just sturdy, it's bamboo top also makes it a great environmentally-friendly option.

111. Cosco (66721DKG1E) & Portable 

It’s lightweight and sturdy. We love how versatile and heavy-duty it is, as they’re all qualities a craftsman looks for in a workbench. And coincidentally, all of these characteristics are readily offered by the Cosco 66720DKG1E.

The Cosco 66720DKG1E has a steel frame and an MDF top that supports a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. It can easily be folded to move around. Once folded, you can use the handles to push the Cosco around, as it has four wheels. It makes rolling a 50-pound object easier.

Besides the portability and wood finish, it is sturdy and easy to store!


  • From folding clothes to repairing vehicles, this table is suited for many purposes.
  • When it folds, we were able to slide it into a tight space for storage.


  • Bolts might be missing, and you have to purchase them separately
If all you need is some storage underneath, the COSCO 66721DKG1E is great.

What to look for

Picking out a new workbench can be a tedious task. Essentially, you’re selecting a new place to create all your magic. It’s understandable if you want to take your time with it. But we have a few tricks to help you understand just what features to look out for when buying a workbench, such as:

cute boy in garage

Worktop Material:

Before we get into the numbers, it’s essential to decide precisely what material works for your projects. If you’re used to treating your worktop harshly, then a durable material might be of your liking.

For instance, stainless steel tops can withstand immense force without changing shape. You must determine how much force your worktop needs to take in and then choose a material accordingly.

Suitable Height

If you’re a professional woodworker or craftsman, you might already know the toll woodworking takes on your health. Most of the stuff you’ll be doing is physically demanding. Therefore building the proper workspace is crucial.

Select a height that at least reaches your thigh region to avoid bending down or reclining for long hours to get a project done. Terrible height adjustments can have lasting impacts on your physical health. But also keep a lookout for a model that’s too tall. You want just the right height! And if you get a model with adjustable height, you’re doing yourself a favor.

Storage options

When discussing a workbench, we’re not just talking about four metallic legs and a wooden top. We’re talking about building a complete experience. You need to check the right model’s storage options before buying it!

Having drawers or compartments in the workbench ensures a clutter-free, more organized space. It’s the same way garage storage cabinets can. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Sturdy frame

Apart from the top material, the frame is another feature determining your weight capacity. You’re guaranteed to have a good time if the frame is crafted using a robust material. But if you choose a material that can’t support all your projects, it’s money down the drain!

commercial garage

How much do they cost?

You don’t need to pay more than $60 for a portable workbench that will get the job done. Strong and durable, they will also last you a long time. But if you want something bigger that is also equiped with additional features and storage space, those will cost you up to $180.

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