38 Best garage storage cabinet systems for appliances

Are you always wondering how to get more out of your garage space? A nifty solution is storage cabinets that can be easily placed anywhere. This article will take you through the various types of cabinets.

We’ll look at the best garage storage cabinet systems for appliances in each category. Read till the end for all the info on the best garage storage cabinet systems for appliances and more!


After we tested several garage cabinets in each category, we found that the best garage storage cabinet for appliances was the Prepac HangUps Storage Cabinet. Here is the best of the other categories:

  • Best overall: Prepac HangUps
  • Best value: Seville Classic Ultra HD in Stainless Steel
  • Best cheap: Suxxan
  • Best Steel: Ultra HD, mega version
  • Best in Black: BESFUR in Black Steel
  • Best Heavy Duty: Durham, 14-gauge

Why you can trust us and how we picked?

We tried and tested many garage storage cabinets for various needs. Each category of cabinet like brand-wise categories as well as different materials were tested for their strength, features and practicality. Products in various budgets were tested to settle on the best ones in each slab. The results are as shown in this article.

Table of Contents

What’s it for?

A storage cabinet does more than put away your tools neatly. It can increase your workspace drastically, so you can bring in a larger worktable and easily move around. Not just this, but it ensures everything is stored properly.

garage storage cabinet

Best garage storage cabinet systems for appliances

Here’s a list of the best garage storage cabinet systems for appliances.

1. HangUps

You’ve just got your home renovated with modern accent walls and breathtaking decor pieces. It’s only natural your garage should be in the same theme. Check out our recommendations for the finest new-age cabinets.

Ultimate space-saver

We guarantee you’ve never seen anything that screams new-age more than this cabinet. Not only is it sleek and stylish, but also durable and spacious. Engineered wood manufacturing and a 5-year warranty period assure your children will be using the same product for years to come too.


  • Hanging up means the floor is saved from clutter
  • Lots of variations available
  • Both open and closed shelves available
  • Durable engineered wood construction.


  • Difficult to put together for beginners
Innovative hang-up
Satin nickel finish handles look to give an ultra-modern yet ergonomic touch to the whole piece. The best part – there are too many variations to choose from. Whether you want a 2 piece or a 3 piece set, you can order whatever suits you best. It doesn't take up space on the floor since they hang up using a hook and rail system. There's even space to hang up for your bike.
NameHangUps Storage Cabinet
Color‎Light Gray
Item Weight‎65.4 pounds
Material‎Engineered Wood
Mounting Type‎Wall Mount
Number of Drawers‎3
Number of Pieces‎1
Number of Shelves‎7
Product Dimensions‎12″D x 60″W x 3.25″H

2. Fortress 

This one is even better than the last with its many options in standing, rolling, or floating/ hanging models. You can choose your pick from a range of 2 doors or 3 drawer cabinets. There are also double-door cabinets. Electrostatic powder paint makes the whole look very new-age and modern. Recessed steel handles with lock and key assure safety and sturdiness.


  • Set of 2 provides ample storage and leaves room on the floor for more.
  • Alloy steel construction that will protect all your appliances.
  • Lock and key function to keep away children from potential danger.
  • A stunning 4.5 star rating.


  • Time-consuming to put together.
Fortress floating cabinets
There's even a lifetime warranty so you don't have to think twice before ordering. Just store your workshop tools and unlock them on that free Sunday you've got and get working!
NameManhattan Comfort
Item Weight33 Pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
Mounting TypeDoor Mount, Wall Mount
Number of Doors2
Number of Drawers1
Product Dimensions12.5 x 30 x 30.3 inches
Unit Count1.0 Count

3. Ultra HD by Seville Classics

There’s no arguing that alloy metal is the best and strongest substance out there to store all heavy-duty garage appliances. Let’s take a look at the best ones in the market.

Megastar in steel

These storage cabinets are built for heavy-duty appliances and maximum storage. The 4 shelves come with adjustable height. It assures you can store almost any tools and equipment from your sewing machine to the drill press. A powder-coated steel frame means you needn’t worry about scratches and heavy lifting near this big boy.


  • Heavy duty steel frame and powder coating
  • Lock and key function included.
  • Simply has to be be placed on floor – no mounting required.


  • Heavy to assemble on your own.
Mega storage in steel
And if you're still having to think twice, just look at the 4.6 stars rating from more than 500 customers. Just hang up your stuff and get your work buddies aboard and start your favorite woodworking hobby!
NameUltra HD Mega Storage Cabinet
Item Weight‎144 Pounds
Load Capacity‎600 Pounds
Material‎Stainless Steel
Mounting Type‎Floor Mount
Number of Doors‎2
Number of Shelves‎4
Product Dimensions‎23.98″D x 47.99″W x 72.01″H

4. Honey-Can-Do, 5-Tier Chrome Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shelving Unit with 200-lb Per Shelf Weight Capacity

They are great if you’re not looking for anything too fancy. You still want the maximum out of that corner space in the garage. This unit is the best option in metal. Astonishingly, it can hold up to 200lbs per shelf and thus reach a total of 1000lbs without any sign of wear.


  • Looks light but each shelf has a weight capacity of 200 lbs
  • Great for when you want your tools handy at all times instead of locked inside doors.
  • Has NSF certification for use in commercial kitchen too.
  • Rated 4.5 stars for durability and storage capacity.
  • More than 15k satisfied customers on Amazon alone.


  • Good for large heavy objects rather than numerous small ones.
Chrome finish 5-tier shelving unit
You can change up the heights as you wish and even add casters to make mobility easier. It even has NSF certification so don't think twice before bringing it into the kitchen storage pantry for use.

5. Husky Extra Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

The official home brand of Home Depot is now a well-established manual and mechanic tool brand. They are ideal for not just beginners but also for professional use. Let’s take a look at their best garage cabinet.

storage cabinet with wheels

Is it a worktop? Is it a storage space? It’s a super-exciting combination of both! Made of sturdy wood and steel materials, this bad boy looks as great as it feels.


  • Workbench on wheels
  • Storage underneath that travels with you wherever you go
  • Extra deep at 25″ for even more storage space.
  • Smooth glide rails


  • Might be too small for professionals.
In elegant black, this 9-drawer workbench is extra-deep and thus generates up to 36% more space than other cabinets. You can imagine leaning conveniently over your creation in progress and reaching for tools down in the drawers below. It even comes with wheels. Once your masterpiece is done, you can roll the bench to the next room and show it off in front of your family!

Gladiator brand -the real warriors

Standing true to their name, these tough bunch of cabinets can withstand a whole lot of weight and even more scrutiny. Let’s take a look at their best buy.

6. Gladiator Ready-to-Assemble Large GearBox, GALG36KD

It’s called smart for a reason! It’s ready to assemble and comes in a voguish silver color that’ll light up your garage. The material is alloy steel built to last for decades, if not more.

Each shelf can hold up to 45lbs, and together the whole cabinet can hold a whopping 225lbs. For your convenience, there are two adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf. If you’ve got uneven garage flooring, don’t worry because the leveler’s legs are included.


  • Two fixed and one adjustable shelf for your ease of use
  • Leveler legs included to compensate for uneven floors.
  • Holds 45lbs per shelf
  • Easy to put together


  • Packaging could be better.
Silvery smart
There's a ten-year limited warranty in case anything goes wrong with this Gladiator unit.

7. Gladiator Ready-to-Assemble Full-Door Wall GearBox, GAWG28FD

This super-easy assemble cabinet is the best thing to have when you’re looking to save floor space. Simultaneously you want to generate appliance storage. The 4.6-star rating is owed to its clever double door design with the magnetic catch that keeps the closed-door securely shut.


  • Tab and loop design makes it super easy to put together with minimum tools.
  • Rated 4.6 stars in value for money!
  • Magnetic catch holds the door in place.
  • Alloy steel is super durable.
  • Wall mounted reduces the need for floor space.


  • Difficult to put together for one person.
Wall Gearbox cabinet
The superb ratings are thanks to the tab and loop design that doesn't keep you on your toes while assembling. This product has been tested for thermal performance and durability. It's high weight capacity is great and passed with flying colors in all rigorous tests. It can hold up to 150lbs of weight, so hurry and unload your burden onto it!

Dapper Appliances cabinets

Appliances need not always be stored away in dark and musty storerooms. You can buy antique or sophisticated cabinets that will conceal the ugliest of appliances away neatly. Check out these, for instance:

8. South Shore Morgan Small 2-Door, 19.38″D x 32.88″W x 32.38″H, Royal Cherry

Who knew this attractive model would be holding some boring appliances like an iron and a rusty old screwdriver? It’s what’s on the outside that matters the most here, which is a royal cherry finish. It’s even eco-friendly since it’s made from laminated non-toxic particleboard.


  • Looks elegant when placed anywhere
  • The cherry color is actually a cherry on the cake!
  • The two door design keeps items hidden and safe.
  • Eco-friendly materials were used in it’s making.


  • Instructions are confusing to follow in some places. We had to use a YouTube video instead.
South Shore Morgan Small 2-Door Storage Cabinet, 19.38"D x 32.88"W x 32.38"H, Royal Cherry
Concealed shelves smartly hide your belongings and provide easy access when you reach out for them. There's even an adjustable shelf so you can store anything from a large sewing machine to a small drill press. A five-year warranty assures that you can buy it without a second thought for repairs. So what are you waiting for, Christmas?

9. Bestier Kitchen Bakers Rack

Store your coffee machine or microwave all in one neat rack. The record 4.7-star rating points to an increased level of utility that no other kitchen appliance storage solution is able to match. The legs are made from alloy steel, while the shelves are sturdy wood. You can lean on it while making your morning coffee and dreaming about last night’s date.


  • Store any heavy appliances like a coffee machine or microwave or small air fryer on the racks
  • Side hooks provided for other essentials
  • The shelves are spacious enough to store multiple small items
  • Wheels make it extra portable anywhere.


  • Side hooks aren’t as strong to hold pots or pans.
Bestier Kitchen Bakers Rack
Lockable wheels and adjustable leg pads ensure that your kids don't get up to shenanigans that'll lead to accidents. Not just a regular appliance holder, but it's also a multifunctional storage facility where you can keep anything you want.

10. Reliable Craftsman brand

Craftsman started its journey as early as 1927 and has continued its legacy in building homes and automation. They also make mechanical as well as manual tools. Let’s take a look at this trusted brands’ best-rated garage cabinets.


This 20-24 gauge steel tool chest is the stuff of every garage owner’s dreams. It comes with as many liner rolls as the number of drawers. A 500lbs storage capacity promises to hold your special tools and equipment well protected from any pests scurrying around in the dark. It’s safe from moisture that can cause it to rust.


  • 24 gauge steel construction that would probably even hold up through an explosion
  • Internal locking system that guarantees safety for tools and kids, pets in the house.
  • Drawer slides operate smoothly.


  • Not good for those who want a shelved cabinet
Ball-bearing drawer slides ensure your tools slide out right when you want to show them off to your buddies. But there's a keyed internal locking system in case anyone tries to take a sneak peek at their Christmas gift under construction.

11. CRAFTSMAN CMST98239BK 126 in. wide 7 Piece Suite

This huge 126-inch wide storage suite is bigger than your imagination. It’s built for garage workshop enthusiasts who don’t like to compromise.

There are seven pieces total to hold all your different belongings and five total configurations to choose from while laying out. There’s only so much assembling to do as the whole piece arrives readymade straight out of the carton.


  • Heavy duty steel construction that lasts
  • The full package that is perfect for any professional or DIYers tools and gadgets.
  • Doors open 180 degrees and feature additional storage baskets.


  • Too large for small garages.
CRAFTSMAN CMST98239BK 126 in. wide 7 Piece Suite
The doors provide easy access with 180-degree mobility. It even has extra storage baskets for those who want even more space. An internal locking system assures your toddler stays out of your stuff.

Dependable Rubbermaid products

Rubbermaid is a subsidiary of Newell Brands and was founded as early as 1920. It’s been a long-time manufacturer of home and outdoor products. Over the years, it has gained the trust of thousands of Americans. Let’s take a look at their offering in garage cabinets.

12. Rubbermaid

With over 1500 ratings, this is a bestseller on the Rubbermaid list and Amazon. It has four shelves for optimum storage and two-door cabinets for easy access. There are ample 27 cubic feet of space, so you can thank us when you’re able to store your big projects in the cabinet.


  • We found good use of the safety locking measure.
  • This product is designed to last.
  • You can also use it outdoors.


  • Upon delivery, several customers report missing parts.
It may look delicate, but it can hold a large number of appliances and belongings weighing up to 690lbs. The resin construction means you won't have to worry about rusting, denting peeling, or pests. You can buy a lock of your choice and easily secure your belongings. Isn't it perfect?

13. Rubbermaid 

It’s great you’re not looking for something too big and want to fill up that small corner in the garage for your small tools.

There’s no worrying about rusting and peeling with the resin material that’s built to last. It’s so easy to assemble with its snap-together design that you’ll have time left over for an extra Netflix special.


  • Great value for the price.
  • Sturdy shelves that can handle heavy items.
  • Easy to assemble by yourself.


  • Lower doors are a little hard to open.
You can lock it when you're done working so your kids don't go peeking in places they're not meant to. The top shelf is ventilated and the bottom is solid so you can choose to keep a perishable item on the top and keep the door open. It may look small but it has 13.5 cubic feet of storage and can hold up to 336lbs of weight.

Cheap and sturdy, that fits in your budget

There’s something for everyone in garage storage. We’ve got a list to prove it! Check out these cabinets ranging under $50 that should work for most budgets!

14. TomCare Cube Storage 9-Cube Closet Organizer Shelves

If you thought there’d be nothing under $50 in organizers, think again. We’ve got this beauty that’s not even $40. With 9 cubes for separate storage, you can keep your hammer and nails in one and completed birdhouses in the other.


  • Good stability thanks to the sturdy metal frame.
  • A hammer is included for easier assembly.
  • The modern design will enhance the look of your garage.


  • The product looks smaller in person.
  • Not ideal for storage of heavy items.
TomCare Cube Storage 9-Cube Closet Organizer Shelves
Raised legs make it easy to keep your floors clean and away from reach of any lurking pests. It’s so easy to assemble you won’t have to take time out on a Sunda. Just do it after work and you’ll be done in 30 mins! The PP plastic panels with metal frames mean you don’t have to worry about strength. It’s a bargain at just $38.99?

15. Easy Fit Ready-to-Assemble Multipurpose One Door Wall-Mounted Floating Steel Niche Cabinet

For just $60, you can grab this super-easy to assemble a multi-functional cabinet for versatile storage needs. Keep it in the bedroom or garage, and fill it up with almost anything.


  • We think the price is very cheap.
  • Made entirely with metal.
  • The door can be easily opened.


  • Assembly instructions are difficult to follow.
Easy Fit Ready-to-Assemble Multipurpose One Door Wall-Mounted Floating Steel Niche Cabinet
Alloy steel construction with modern steel handles look elegant and are immensely practical when you're rushing to find that important file for work.

Long-lasting wood

These beauties not only look great but also stand the true test of time. If you’ve got any grandfather clocks or antique furniture, you would know the value of real wooden products. Take a look at some cabinets below.

16. Prepac Elite 32″

All-white homes are trending for a reason! There’s nothing better than this fresh white laminated wooden cabinet to set the theme right in your garage. The construction is pure composite wood, while the doors are melamine.


  • Excellent quality, we were impressed with the materials used.
  • The doors close well.
  • Responsive customer service.


  • Packaging should be improved.
Prepac Elite 32" Storage Cabinet, White Storage Cabinet, Bathroom Cabinet, Pantry Cabinet with 3 Shelves 16" D x 32" W x 65" H, WES-3264
The metal handles on the doors are very sturdy for rough usage and the corners are softened for maximum safety so you don't your shins. Don't worry about termites and pests since there's nothing better than MDF to assure maximum utility and practicality.

17. Systembuild Evolution Farmington 31.5″ 

You’ve probably never seen a more classy garage cabinet. In gorgeous shades like ivory pine or black oak, there’s no better way to keep your garage looking organized and posh.


  • There are no missing parts in the package.
  • This size worked perfectly for our space.


  • Color was not like we expected.
Systembuild Evolution Farmington 31.5 inches
There are 4 shelves to store all your goods and even two adjustable shelves, so everything fits just right. The adjustable shelves can hold a whopping 25lbs, while the fixed shelves hold up to 30lbs. With a width of 31.5 inches and 71.5-inch height, you'll run out of things to store, but the space won't fill up easily!

Pure White cabinets

If you’ve ever been confused about the theme of your home, a pure white theme is a safe yet trendy style that’s in vogue these days. You can grab a white garage cabinet to go along with the home decor. Choose your pick!

18. Sauder Miscellaneous Wardrobe

With almost 2500 ratings from highly satisfied customers, there’s little that won’t please you in this Sauder unit. There’s one full-length door that conceals a fixed shelf and a rod to keep those coats away for the summer.


  • Perfect for your laundry room.
  • We like the all-in-one compact style.
  • The instructions are user friendly.


  • The doors wobble a bit.
  • There are some problems with the alignment.
Sauder Miscellaneous Wardrobe
The second door features two versatile shelves, one fixed and one adjustable. And if that's not enough, there are even two sliding drawers for the tiny things. It's even safety tested several times, so you don't have to worry about your kids and pets wandering into the garage and hurting themselves.


Established in 1948 and recently sprouted in the US, Keter is a reliable brand more than 70 years behind its legacy. It’s a leader in resin-constructed furniture. That’s why you can trust this efficient storage solution with five shelves, each with the capacity to hold as much as 55 lbs.


  • You can adjust the shelves to your own needs.
  • Extra security provided with the lock feature.


  • The screws included for the door handles are too short.
You can even lock the doors with your choice of padlock so Christmas doesn't come early to those nosy munchkins. The best part – is no expensive pest control treatments because resin doesn't peel or rust. Its snowy white color is the cherry on top!

An ultimate solution to your space needs

This brand doesn’t shy away from delivering innovations since its creation in 2005. They’re called garage pro’s for a reason. The reason is simple: they hold “style, strength and value” above everything else in their products.

19. Ulti-MATE UG21006G

Your garage would have never looked as smart as it would with this graphite glossy metallic finish tall cabinet. With tough MDF and textured PVC laminate, there’s little that can shake up this bad boy. It comes from a line of award-winning series named Ulti-mate Garage 2.0, launched in 2019.


  • We love the simple, minimalist design.
  • All the parts fit perfectly.
  • It’s easy to clean under, thanks to the leg assemblies.


  • It took a long time to get delivered to us.
Ulti-MATE UG21006G
The company has won accolades for this superb line, and you can get your hands on it too! The industrial level strength shelves are thick and highly enduring as they can take up to 200 lbs. If you're thinking twice – there's a 10-year limited warranty on the parts to put your mind to rest!

20. The Ulti-mate 7 piece set UG26072W

This award-winning piece has a solid worktop made of bamboo that will set the mood for your workshop session. There are fully adjustable hinges and a great number of expandable design options.

The color is a stunning Starfire White Metallic over a Peppercorn Grey textured cabinet. With large shelves that are an inch thick, you’ll never have to worry about placing your appliances elsewhere. The ultimate solution to all your needs!

Tall and handsome storage

Some garages are built for tall heights but not for large widths. That’s where tall cabinets come in handy. Here’s a sneak peek at our recommendations.

This large metal model is designed to fulfill all big storage needs. Those who even have a small garage can take advantage of a big storage space regardless of the items’ size and height.

Super weather-proof!

It has a unique cold-rolled steel plate frame topped with a powder-coated surface. You don’t have to worry about termites or rusting because it’s rust-resistant and anti-corrosion.


  • The anti-collision pad minimizes the risk of injury and damage.
  • After a close inspection, we confirm that premium hardware is used.
  • Smooth edges enhances the look of this cabinet.


  • Poor customer service, the seller could not answer our questions.
Tall, dark, and handsome
With a total of 5 shelves, it can hold an unbelievable weight of 750lbs. The shelves are fully adjustable, so any tall items can be stored easily. The safety lock ensures that you can keep all goods safe from intruders. The black metal gives a sleek look that looks great with any background.

21. Sauder 

If you’re looking for practical yet classy, here’s a wooden cabinet that’ll give a great good accent to any room of your home. Not just garages, it can even add grace to your lobby for storing coats or your bedroom for storing clothes.


  • The predrilled holes are accurately placed, making assembly easier.
  • All pieces of hardware are included in the package.
  • Lots of storage space available.


  • Doors only open 90 degrees.
  • The door magnets are strong enough to bend the doors.
It comes in beautiful cinnamon cherry or highland oak. You can also get it in a soft white finish. With four adjustable shelves, it's highly practical to store everything you want. Get your hands on it to show off to your guests when they come over!

22. Wall-mounted hanging for that extra space

Even after installing the best tall garage cabinets, sometimes you’ll need more space for new additions. That’s where wall-mounted options can help. They don’t take up space on the floor and can store a good amount of things.

Stylish silver

There’s nothing better than a cabinet that looks great while serving its purpose. A silver or platinum option to help cater to your decor needs and stay sturdy while doing them. Its fixed resin construction ensures it can be used for generations to come without any sign of wear and tear.


  • The doors close tightly, which we appreciate a lot.
  • Because the shelf is not adjustable, the sturdiness is increased.


  • Handles are difficult to grip when we want to open the doors.
Silver/ Platinum wall-mounted
It has plenty of space with 30.25 inches and doors with slate top. Reinforced shelving that can hold up to 50lbs means you can store your tidbits of tools easily. It's so weather-resistant that it's perfect for outdoor mounting too.

23. Floating cabinets

Have you ever heard of a floating cabinet? This 2 door and 3 drawer beauty are perfect for the garage and a smart study or an organized pantry area. It even comes in a rolling storage option that you can take advantage of if you want a new bar trolley for those party nights.


  • The product is not heavy yet it still remains sturdy.
  • Increased storage space compared to other models.
  • Great customer service.


  • Not the best value for the money.
Floating garage cabinet
There's a lifetime warranty that you can take full advantage of in case something goes wrong. However, it is highly unlikely considering its well-made construction. Electrostatic powder paint finishing provides that extra layer that makes it scratch-resistant.

Kobalt Storage system

Kobalt storage systems are known for their heavy-duty welded construction that only needs attaching casters to get going. They offer about 12 options in garage storage ranging from a tall cabinet to a small rolling one.

24. Kobalt’s best

Their top model is an $1875 tool storage kit that features four different products. Almost all their designs are freestanding and are flexible if anything needs changing.

They feature secure door locks with two-barrel keys that keep your valuables and tools more secure. The texture powder-coated finish assures a long life. Most products offer a one-year limited warranty.

Seville cabinets

Here’s another famous brand in this category. Let’s take a look at their most popular design.

This one includes 4 wheels of 5 inches each. The weight capacity is a whopping 600 lbs with 150lbs on each shelf. The doors are made of impenetrable stainless steel, making them hard to dent or damage. You won’t be fighting rust on any part of this beauty.


  • Completely mobile thanks to its four wheels.
  • A heavy duty choice for your storage needs.
  • You can customize it to your own needs.


  • It takes a long time to assemble.
  • Some parts are missing.
Seville classics
The granite gray is a color that makes any room look sharp and modernistic. The powder-coated steel frame locks the whole alloy steel construction and makes it rust-resistant. Keep your tough tools and favorite books here to keep them in mint condition forever.

Garage kitchen cabinets

The title might sound odd, but kitchen cabinets can also be used in the garage. This includes both base and upper cabinets. These offer the advantage of having deep storage to fit the maximum number of items.

25. Multipurpose unit

This versatile ivory white cabinet has an adjustable shelf. It is made of strong engineered wood to take care of all kinds of goods. Whether it’s clothes and detergent in the laundry or food boxes in the kitchen, it can do it all.


  • Pictures are included in the assembly instructions.
  • Will improve the value of your home.
  • It significantly increased the storage space in our bathroom.


  • The package is very heavy, so be careful when handling it.
Versatile fresh white
The finishing is done in E1 standard MDF that makes it stand out from other alternatives in the market. It might look small, but it can handle a load of 100 lbs. That's about the size of a small human! Detailed instructions are included so you can get set it up real quick and get your work started.

Plastic but practical

This plastic cabinet is a go-to item if a wooden or metal one is out of your budget. It has 4 shelves with plenty of space to fill all your belongings and still have room left over. The real advantage of a cabinet like this one is the no-tools-required assembly.


  • Lightweight when it’s empty.
  • All 5 shelves are adjustable.
  • We had no difficulties in opening and closing the doors.


  • Not as strong and durable as other models.
Lightweight plastic
You'll have a ready shelf in about 10 mins after unpacking. Keep it in the garage or the kitchen pantry. Keep it in the kid's room for all the toys and storybooks because it's just that multi-functional. All of this and more makes it a hit among its more than 3000 customers giving it a 4.6-star rating.

26. Super light and adjustable Plastic cabinets

There’s something for everyone when it comes to garage shelves. Suppose you feel you can’t afford a metal or heavy-duty wooden cabinet. A plastic one will surprise you with its utility. Take a look at this wonderful array of options.


Who said plastic wasn’t durable? It has shelves that can store up to 200lbs each. Multi-wall panels add even more strength and are a feature that is hard to find in even metal and wooden cabinets.


  • Because it is weatherproof, we found good use of it outside.
  • Plenty of storage space for your items.


  • We think it’s overpriced.
  • Not the best design for the shelves.
Commercial resin
The metal reinforced shelving means you don't have to worry about bending and breaking under the burden of your belongings. The smart black color gives it a sleek look that is hard to find in other materials. Store your kids' old clothes as they grow out of them or tools for that wooden workshop - everything fits.


Available in trendy colors like grey and black, this super useful storage cabinet is available in large and small verticals. This product’s biggest pro is its long life and ability always to look new, thanks to no peeling or denting worries.


  • With the lockable option, you can keep your items safe.
  • Resistant to rust and dents.
  • Great value for the price.


  • Top shelf is difficult to install.
  • Doors are difficult to open.
Everlasting plastic storage by Rubbermaid
The small vertical can hold up to 336lbs of astonishing weight while the large can hold 690lbs of storage easily. The simplest assembly is required without the usage of any tools or nails.

27. Classy ebony Black cabinets

A mysterious black color adds an accent to a dull room immediately. That’s why when people go shopping for extra storage, they prefer something safe like black or white. Check out our range of sooty black cabinets.

Super steel

The steel looks good while doing a great job keeping your belongings safe and organized. Because it’s made of toughened steel, it’s highly unlikely to rot and rust. It is great for any environment like the bathroom and garage. You can even put it in a bedroom.


  • We love the black color, it enhances our workshop.
  • You can manually adjust the shelves.
  • High versatility, you can store anything in this cabinet.


  • Some customers noticed dents that occured during delivery.
Resourceful and tough
The two adjustable shelves mean you can store anything from large files to small makeup items. You can keep it in the basement and forget about any maintenance because its electrostatic powder coating prevents it from being a hassle.

28. Perfect for kids

With two open and two closed shelves, you can make up a classy display and have leftover space for bigger items in this cabinet.

The black MDF material is built to last. The corners and legs are adjusted for anti-toppling, so you can even keep it in the kids’ room without having to worry about accidents.


  • The alloy handle is very grippy. We had no issues opening the doors with wet hands.
  • All parts were delivered in good condition.


  • It is smaller than what is displayed in photos.
Highly adaptable brilliant shelves
Those who are vegan or worried about the environment don't have to think twice because the paint is eco-friendly. It's even waterproof. The assembly barely takes up any time, so you can set it up and stack up the kids' toys in there. Call the babysitter and head out to a dinner date in no time this Sunday.

29. Fortified steel cabinets

There’s no other alloy than steel whose properties are so useful. Not only does it not rust and dent easily, but it also provides double the strength of regular iron and other elements. Let’s take a look at some steel storage spaces.

Resilient construction

There’s nothing more basic and yet more practical than this double-door steel cabinet that promises resilience. Alloy steel construction it’s been known to increase storage space in any environment.


  • This cabinet met all of our expectations.
  • You can always remove the shelf or adjust it to your own preferences.


  • The product took a long time to arrive.
Simple yet useful
Per shelf, you can allot up to 40 lbs of weight easily without having to worry about denting or damage. Removable and adjustable shelves are attached so you can store everything from cleaning products to your gadgets in any corner of the home.

30. Bestseller

Here’s a bestseller item. If you’ve got plenty of items that are flammable and need a haven, here’s a flammable yellow cabinet of your dreams.

It comes in galvanized steel construction that is even tougher than regular steel and highly resistant to all kinds of damage. You’ll find there are no screws or rivets because it’s fully welded into one shape.


  • Best option for storing flammable items.
  • Strong and durable due to the galvanized steel construction.


  • There is no customer support available.
Fire-safe flammable cabinet
It's even got multiple certifications from ROHS and CE. The color is a bright yellow to indicate its USP. Use it in your garage for the car battery water or oil. Keep it in your factory for extra safety of employees.

31. Vibrant red

Are you looking to add a little color to your home? Add some with a vibrant red cabinet that creates an instant accent in any room.

Perfect for passionate organizers

This mobile cabinet in a deep red is the stuff of any organizing enthusiast’s dream. It has four drawers to keep everything from the tool kit to your wine collection. It even features a portable tool chest that you can pull out and take anywhere for use.


  • Long lasting due to the high-quality paint coating.
  • Armrests and wheels increases its mobility.


  • Instructions are very difficult to follow.
  • 2 nuts were missing from the package.

32. Vintage

A contemporary yet classy free-standing cabinet in cherry redwood is what you need to add that finishing touch to your home.

It features wooden shelves that are tough enough to store goods. Unlike others, it comes pre-assembled with most hardware already mounted. You don’t have to miss that Sunday brunch.


  • We love the vintage look.
  • Perfect choice for small and tight spaces.
  • Seller implements the feedback from customers.


  • The finish is not great as the paint chips very easily.
Cherry red mirror
The elegant corners add a unique, stylish touch that is tough to replicate in other colors and materials. The mirror has a deep reflection to add that extra grace. Use it in the bathroom or the lobby to store keys. You can even keep it in the garage entry to keep keys, nails, small items, and tools.

33. Rolling in the deep cabinets

If your workplace keeps changing around the house, here’s a neat idea to have a wheeled cabinet in the home.


This one is for the people who get bored easily. Are you tired of the garage? Take yours along to a more scenic view and start working there.


  • Easy to move around thanks to its wheels.
  • The non-slip mat on the top will keep your tools in place.
  • We were able to store additional items on the side tray.


  • Several customers complained about the product arriving highly damaged.
Tankstorm's super roller
The top to drawers can be used for small and more frequently used items like pliers or screwdrivers. The bottom shelves with doors can store drill or a full tool kit. The product features 4 wheels, two without brake and two with brakes for comfortable rolling and moving. You can even lock the cabinets for maximum safety in a house with naughty toddlers.

34. The cute and convenient one

If you’re looking for something cute and convenient, here’s a sleek rolling cabinet in aqua blue that will wow anyone. It features two top drawers of the same size, the top one featuring a removable tray and a locking mechanism.


  • We were impressed with the aqua blue color.
  • Product arrives fully assembled.
  • Locking mechanism helps you store confidential documents.


  • The top of the cabinet tends to slide a few inches.
Cool Aqua blue cabinet
The bottommost drawer is letter size to accommodate all kinds of storage from files to bottles of laundry cleaning products. There's virtually no assembly required, so you can start rolling right away. But if it gets too fast, you can always opt for the front two casters with brakes. You can choose from a range of colors. Some of them include blue and charcoal. It comes with 2 or 3 drawer alternatives depending on what fits your home decor theme. So, what are you waiting for? Get, set, roll!

35. Trustworthy Coleman

With thirty years of combined experience, Coleman stands tall in the field of cabinets and exceptional customer experience. They pride themselves on delivering great results to individual and builder clients.

Customization becomes easier and more satisfying when they deliver it. Their profile includes providing kitchen cabinets and renovations.

They’re also great for vanities and wardrobes. You can even use it for professional workplaces like hotel receptions and offices. If you’ve got a specific design in mind, you know who to call!

Heavy-duty cabinets for heavy-duty work

Isn’t it better to invest once in a heavy-duty or industrial cabinet that serves you a lifetime? You don’t want to order small and weak ones that need replacing every few years? That’s why the following options are curated for that particular investment.

Heavy-duty professionals

It doesn’t get more heavy-duty than this. A 14 gauge steel cabinet that is built to last for generations. It can handle an astonishing 900 lbs of load capacity and even features ventilated doors for that extra visibility.


  • Heavy duty cabinet that outperforms other models.
  • Built with steel and made to last for many years.
  • Ventilated doors feature.


  • Weighing 220 pounds, this cabinet is very heavy.
Stalwart and strong
The item itself weighs more than 200 lbs so you can imagine its durability. Piano hinges are welded along with the doors for maximum rigidity. There's even a 3 point locking system to store valuables like jewelry and diamonds.

36. High-quality gun safe

Are you worried about keeping your gun or other valuables safe from outsiders? Here’s a long gun safe and people a safe option that has a 16 gauge steel body. With a .15″ steel door that is hard to budge, even a hammer won’t get through.


  • With two locking features, this cabinet ensures the safety and privacy of your items.
  • The steel door is strong and durable.


  • It’s smaller in person to what can be seen in photos.
Extra secure and sleek
You can hide it behind a picture or cabinet inside the walls of your home to protect it from break-ins and other intruders. There's a digital keypad to have restricted access to your things. The best part – you can assemble it in minutes with six simple lag bolts. Isn't that neat?

37. Nifty garage workbench and cabinet

If you’ve got a small garage, you must’ve wondered how to utilize the space to the maximum. Take a look at neat little workbench-cum-cabinets that can provide a workspace and hold your tools as you work.


  • We found the fluorescent cabinet light very useful at night.
  • Great value for the price.


  • It is hard to assemble and you might need additional help.
Multi-purpose workbench
With a high rating of 4.1 stars on Amazon, this is by far one of the best workbenches to include storage. It has a pegboard and two sliding drawers. You can load 44lbs on the shelf and 220 lbs on the shelf top without any worry of it toppling over. You can choose to order a nut and bolt screw option that requires assembling or one that is completely boltless to save on assembling time.

38. High-star rating!

This neat innovation features workbenches with so many shelves that you’ll run out of tools to keep. You can get your hands on this beauty that has 4.6 stars from more than 5500 satisfied customers.


  • We assembled this workbench to our preferred dimensions.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Parts are lightweight but durable.


  • We think the legs are too soft to handle heavier weights.

Affordable and practical
Each shelf can hold up to 1000 lbs or 400 kgs and the lifetime warranty seals the deal. The heavy gauge resins provide mighty resilience so you don't have to think twice before buying.

Factors to consider

There are quite a few factors to consider before you settle on any of the best garage storage cabinets above. Here are the factors to consider before buying the best garage storage cabinet for your needs.

Your tools

How many tools and appliances do you have? Are you a professional or simply passionate about your DIY projects? How big are your appliances and do you plan to buy any more in the future? All of these factors will make up for the size and layout of your cabinets. If you have large appliances you might prefer adjustable shelves and open cabinets. Whereas smaller tools will require more shelves.

Your home

Is your home abode of kids and pets? You would want to keep them safe and away from potentially dangerous tools and appliances that could harm them. This is why you would want to buy a cabinet with lock and key feature or interlocking available. A tool chest might also work with a code locking system. If your home has only adults who can take care of themselves you might not need all these features.

The construction material

Depending on the weight of your appliances and your preference of material, you will choose from a range of materials like wood, plastic, steel, resin, and more. If you want heavy-duty and long-lasting you’ll probably end up with something in steel. But if you want something lightweight and within your budget – plastic is your best pick.

The storage

Is your garage prone to moisture? Something wooden wouldn’t work there. You’d want to go with steel. However, if you were to keep the cabinet in a cool and dry place, any material would work. You don’t want plastic in a place that catches direct sunlight or it might melt with a bit of sunlight reflecting on it.

How much do they cost?

As we tested out the various products, we found that you can normally expect garage storage cabinets to cost between $150 and $1,000.

garage cabinets

That’s it, folks!

garage cabinets

We’ve covered every possible type of garage cabinet so that you can order one according to your home decor and storage needs. Consider the garage space and other criteria that may be important to you. Remember to check load capacities and correlate them with materials that need storing!

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