45 funny (& unusual) anything but a cup party ideas for college

Parties are common in college, but sometimes they can get repetitive and boring. Setting up a special theme for each of them makes things more interesting, and that’s where anything but a cup party comes as a brilliant idea.

For this party, no cup is allowed to be used for drinking. Everyone has to bring their own items to use instead of a cup for the duration of the party. People get creative with these ideas, with some of them bringing items like shoes or flower vases.

If you have been invited to such a party or are trying to organize one yourself, take a look below at these 47 funny and unusual anything but a cup party ideas for college. There are many things to drink out of, so these ideas will inspire you. 


The funniest & most unusual “anything but a cup” party ideas for college that we tried is a pet feeder and an iron. However, there are lots of other ideas on this list like the following:

  • Tissue box
  • tea kettle
  • condiment bottle

The ideas

Using these ideas, you will impress people at the party who will notice your creativity. Pick the one you like most, and feel free to improve or modify it to your style.

1. Hot sauce bottle

Using a hot sauce bottle instead of a cup can be a good idea at an anything but a cup party. Make sure to thoroughly clean the bottle before you bring it with you, as the residue from the spicy sauce might ruin your drink. If there are red drinks at the party, you can fill the hot sauce bottle with them and pretend you are drinking something spicy. 


  • You get to freak everyone out!
  • More space than a regular glass for a drink
  • No spillage!


  • Easy to prank you with a real hot sauce bottle!

2. Overalls pocket

This idea is simple and smart. All you have to do is line the pockets of your overalls with a special plastic or a zip-lock bag. Make sure there are no leaks before you insert a straw. Otherwise, your entire outfit might be ruined. 

3. Iron


Clothing irons have a tank that has to be filled with water. The iron will turn the water into steam, and this is how you can use it for your clothes. Or you can get creative and fill it with juice to bring the iron to an anything but a cup party. Just make sure your straw will fit in the hole.


  • Super innovative
  • You can turn your alcohol into steam to inhale it!


  • JK. We don’t recommend plugging it in.

4. Cleaning spray bottle 

cleaning spray bottle

Take a window cleaner to the party, and you will surely attract some attention from the guests. The liquid in the bottle will look like a window cleaner if you have a blue drink. Just make sure to clean the bottle and remove any solutions thoroughly.

So much room for alcohol!It’ll probably take you an hour and a pulled hand muscle to finish your drink.
Fun spraying everywhere!

5. Tissue box

Fill a tissue box holder with any kind of drink and take it to a party. Just make sure to install a bottle or a tank inside the box so you can avoid unfortunate accidents. 

6. Ketchup bottle

This idea is similar to the hot sauce bottle one. However, this one is cheaper as you only need a ketchup bottle. If it is transparent, you can fill it with red juice and pretend you are drinking ketchup.

7. Pet Feeder

pet feeder

This idea will make you stand out if the party is also animal-themed. You can use any pet feeder, such as a simple dog bowl. Still, more complex and advanced items are hilarious and allow you to get extra creative. 

You will stand outYour pet dog will probably go hungry that night
You can lap up the water like your pet

8. Gas can

Everyone will look at you when you drink out of a gas can, so pick this idea if you enjoy the extra attention. You will make many people’s night and give them a good laugh, but you should purchase a new, unused gas can for your safety. 

Do not empty a gas can that is already filled with fuel, as the residue can be dangerous. You can find the best gas can for sale here

9. Cleaning wipes canister

If you are short on money, this practical solution will be a life-saver before the party. Most likely, you already have such an item lying around your house. Empty the canister of cleaning wipes and fill them with your favorite drink.

10. Doll head

It can be a little creepy, but it fits perfectly at a Halloween party. Nevertheless, you will get lots of attention when you’re just casually drinking out of the head of a doll. 

11. Squirt gun

Put your favorite drink in the tank of a squirt gun and then drink by shooting the liquid directly into your mouth. You can also share the drink with other guests at a party without worrying about bacteria, as the item won’t come in contact with anyone’s mouth.

12. Blood bags

Another Halloween-themed idea is to bring a blood bag to the party. Fill it with red juice, and everyone will think you are drinking blood! A vampire outfit will help you tremendously. There are special blood bags designed just for drinking, so it’s better to go with them than with real ones.

13. Tea kettle 

tea kettle

Because a tea kettle holds liquid, you won’t need any modifications or improvements. All you have to do is fill it with your favorite drink, or even tea, for that matter! It will spark lots of fun conversations. 

14. Soup can

Soup cans go well, especially at college parties where every student is familiar with the product. Fill it with a drink of your choice and pretend that you’re just having lunch. The edges can be quite sharp, so ensure you don’t cut your lips.

15. Crocs

While crocs might hold a negative reputation in the fashion world, using them as a cup can make them turn out brilliantly. They are easier to use with a straw since they already have holes in them. 

16. Rubber glove

Another cheap option is to use a rubber glove which you can fill with your favorite alcoholic drink or juice. Make a small hole in one of the fingers of the glove and use it for drinking your favorite beverage all night long.

17. Hummingbird feeder

hummingbird feeder

It would be hilarious if you’d walk around the party with a hummingbird feeder in your hand. This item is already designed to hold liquids, and it also sits flat on the table. If the party is animal-themed, this idea works perfectly.

18. Toothbrush holder

You can find these in any bathroom, including yours. Take it to the next party and fill it with your favorite drink. Using this item as a cup, you also remind some guests at the party who forgot to brush their teeth lately.

19. Frisbee

If you are sporty, surely you can find a frisbee lying around. Modify it in such a way that it holds drinks easily. Use a frisbee as a cup during the next party, and you will surely get other people’s attention!

If you cannot find a frisbee for sale in your area, check this one. It comes in 14 different colors so you can choose the one you like most. 

20. Traffic cone

traffic cone

Because this cone is bright orange, you will stand out at the anything but cups party. There is no need to illegally pick up a dirty cone from the street, as you can always find clean ones for sale on various websites. 

21. Bucket

You can fill a small bucket with any drink of your choice and slowly sip it with a straw at the party. Alternatively, bring a larger one and share the drink with your friends. 

22. Watering can

If you like gardening and people already know about your passion for plants, this is an excellent idea. Fill it with any drink of your choice, and use a straw placed in the filling hole.

23. Baseball bat

While wood baseball bats are sturdy and filled, the plastic ones are usually hollow. Cut one of the ends and transform the bat into a cup, which you can fill with any drink.

24. Soap dispenser

soap dispenser

Proper hygiene is important, but this item would be hilarious at an anything but a cup party. You can clean your soap dispenser, although the solution residue will still be present. 

25. Water pitcher

What’s the best way to use a water pitcher? It will generate lots of attention and new conversations at the party you’re going to. It also has water dispenser spouts, making drinking easier all night.

26. Flowerpot

Add a bit of nature to your cup by cleaning the flower pot. Or even better, purchase a clean one directly from a gardening store. Decorate the pot with stickers and garden items to make it less boring.

27. Coconut cup

coconut cup

If the party’s theme is tropical and exotic, you will surely blend in with this idea. With coconut and straw, your cup is already complete. As a bonus, you can use a fancy straw with a little umbrella.

28. Conch shell

While we are still on the tropical theme, a conch shell is also a good idea for a beach-themed party. Just find a shell that is large enough to fit into your mouth. However, these items are sharp, so be careful not to cut yourself.

29. Baby bottle

They are easy to hold, and unlike other items, they are designed to be used by humans! While some will find this idea embarrassing, others will notice its fun and silly side. 

30. Fishbowl

Get a clean fish bowl from your local pet store and fill it with any drink you like. If you use a clear drink, you can add fish candy inside to make it look like a real fish tank.

31. Rainboot

While rain boots are made to keep the water out, they can also keep it in. The larger the boot, the more beverage it can hold so you can share them with your friends. 

32. Kitty litter box

You will use a clean and new kitty litter box instead of a used one. This idea can be controversial, but it is guaranteed to get the attention of other party guests.

33. Coffee pot

coffee pot

Like the teapot idea presented above, you will use a coffee pot this time. You can fill it with any beverage, but you will be more original if you fill it with coffee.

34. Milk carton

Another eco-friendly option is the milk carton, which is easy to hold. You can use a brown drink if you want to resemble chocolate milk, or even take an extra step and use real milk instead.

35. Condiment bottle

If you want an original idea that is also cheap, you can use any condiment bottle as a cup alternative. Fill it with your favorite drink, but don’t forget to clean the bottle first. Otherwise, your drink will feature interesting flavors.

36. Vegetables

Although this idea is a little more difficult to apply, you can use various vegetables as cups. Cut the end of a cucumber and hollow out the inside. You can do the same with a carrot, especially if it is thick. 

37. Fruits

This original idea will have you drink your favorite juices out of a pineapple that has been hollowed out. You can do the same with a watermelon, which you can transform into a bowl. 

38. Shampoo bottle

Look for bottles with wide necks since most of them are narrow. Wash the shampoo bottle thoroughly before pouring in your favorite drinks. 

39. Pots and pans

You can use pots of any size, from small to large-sized ones. Additionally, you can pour your drink into a kitchen pan. You will attract a lot of attention and generate laughs as it will be clumsy to drink from these cup alternatives.

40. Bicycle helmet

For this idea, you will have to do some modifications and duct taping to make it work. If you manage to get it right, you will spark a lot of interest at anything but a cup party.

These helmets come in various colors and styles so that you can match them with your outfit. Check this model, which is also easily turned into a cup for the party. 

41. Wastepaper bin

There is surely such a bin under your desk, especially if you are a college student. It is the perfect opportunity for you to stand out at the next party. Just make sure you clean them thoroughly before you use them.

42. Water balloon 

water balloons

Because they can easily break, taking multiple water balloons with you is recommended. The risk factor this idea implies will make the party more interesting as your cup alternative can break at any time. 

43. Toy truck

You can convert an old toy firetruck or pickup truck to hold any type of beverage. If the truck makes noises, you will stand out. This idea works well with airplanes and boats as well. 

44. Blender


This one might be heavy to carry around, but you will attract a lot of attention, making an effort worth it. Because it is so large, you can also add ice and combine several drinks into one.

45. Lawn ornaments

Whether a flamingo or a hollowed gnome, lawn ornaments can be used for an anything but a cup party. They are usually hollow and sell for cheap at the gardening store.

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