Real Mermaid Found & Caught in Fishing Net? A Rare ‘Mutant’ in Indonesia

Supposedly, a strange ‘mutant’ mermaid was captured by a group of fishermen in Indonesia. It caused great fear in thousands of netizens.

Was it a real mermaid caught in a fishing net? Let’s take a closer look.


The “real mermaid” that was found & caught in a fishing net in Indonesia was not a rare mutant but rather a silicone creation.

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A few days ago, YouTube uploaded a video that showed a strange creature with half the body in the shape of a fish. The other half was similar to a human being. It caught the attention of thousands of people, who baptized him as a ‘ siren. ‘ It is real?

According to the video’s description, this creature was captured by a group of fishermen in Indonesia. They were terrified after catching it. However, that is not the true story of this ‘ sea monster. ‘

It was just revealed the mystery behind this strange creature. It is half fish, half-human. It’s a truth that has left thousands of netizens open-mouthed.

This strange creature was not caught in Indonesia, and it is not a mutation produced by radioactive waste. Still, it is a sculpture work done by a talented Thai artist.

A Rare 'Mutant' Mermaid Captured in Indonesia

While investigating the origin of the video, we discovered it was presented during an exhibition held at the University of Arts in Thailand. They aimed to make people aware of nature.

At first sight, the creature looks real and taken from a horror movie. The truth is that it is created with silicone. It would have been so cool to finally find and catch a real mermaid in a fishing net and learn more about the ocean’s secrets.

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