What are the dimensions of 46, 50, 58, & 60-inch TVs

Picking new furniture is as exciting as it’s nerve-racking. It’s not a decision that you can take lightly. Once you purchase a living room item, years go by before you ever decide to change it. Think about the sofa in your living area. How old is it? Better yet, how worn out is it? Regardless of the wear and tear, you are probably hesitant about getting a new one. So, making such a significant decision requires a little research. 

Insignia 55 Inch 1080p

The choice gets even trickier when an electronic is involved. Because not only will it remain in use for years to come, but it will also cost you an arm and a leg. Purchasing a television may not seem too daunting a task. But when you consider all the desirable features a good set should have, you’ll feel confused by the multiple options available. However, you don’t need to worry. We’ve curated a guide that goes into depth about measuring television sets and then suggesting the best ones in the market.

All you’ve to do is sit back and start reading. Before you know it, your heart will speak to the set it resonates with the most. 

What are the dimensions?

The most important measurement of a TV is the screen size. Generally, TVs are sized from the bottom left corner to the top right corner to measure the diagonal. Bezels or the frame are not included, so it’s advised to leave extra space on your wall if you want to mount your television.


 A 46-inch TV is about 41.7 inches wide and 24.6 inches in length. This size is the most suitable option for a spacious living room that’s not too heavy on the wallet too!


Considered to be a large tv, a 50-inch screen is 24.5 in height and 43.6 in width. With a 4k resolution, a big television will give you a cinema-like experience. 


A 58-inch tv has a 27-inch height and a 48-inch width, enough to keep your eyes glued to it regardless of what’s on. 


Perfect for movie and game screenings, a 60-inch tv is about 53.2 inches in length and 29.4 inches in height. A big screen deserves to be the center of attention in any room, so ensure its placement is just right. 

60-inch tv

Dimensions chart

A perfect home theater requires critical positioning and viewing distance. To achieve that, you must be familiar with the dimensions of your TV and your surroundings. Here’s a chart of TV sizes to make your initial process easier. 


Best 50-inch

Samsung UN50AU8000FXZA

Being an industry giant in the technology game means that every Samsung product is better than the last. The Samsung AU8000 is an entry-level model with a modern design and an even better contrast ratio. It makes the blacks pop out even in the dark, as well as excellent black uniformity. 

If you want to decorate your living room with a sleek television for a low price, this might just be the one. With the thick panel and textured back, the TV looks elegant all on its own. Not to mention it’s a compact remote with perfect buttons that comes with the new voice control feature!

To buy a modern TV and not have it be a smart TV is a crime in this decade. That’s why this model comes with a Tizen-powered smart platform that provides you with a plethora of streaming apps to choose from. Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, you name it! If there is an app you’d like to add, one click from the app store will be enough!

Overall, this is a good model for those who are looking for an affordable Samsung piece. 

Sony X80K

Right out of the box, the Sony X80K also looks great in terms of build and display hardware. Suppose you’re a “set it and forget it” sort of person. In that case, it comes calibrated enough that you can enjoy a whole movie without noticing any shortcomings in the display. In simple words, its performance in custom mode is realistic and offers such colors. 

The sony settings will be a treat to Tech nerds who love to tinker around with the audio and visual calibrations. Sony X80K has more tools than any other TV in this price range and level. Without any fixing, the SDR content looks exceptional. It is anything that you watch from cable broadcasts and streaming platforms. Even with a lot of sunlight, the TV’s brightness cuts through. 

The smart google platform embedded into the system is the cherry on top of any sony smart tv. It is especially fast and navigating the platform is quite easy too. 

Despite having mid-range features, its hardware outshines other models at the same price point. It will satisfy avid and casual viewers both. However, it’s not the best for gamers since it doesn’t have the appropriate HDMI ports. 

Sony X80K
Here's another great 50-inch model.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has spread its roots to everything from clothes to technology, including its first-ever TV. To our surprise, it surpassed our expectations greatly. 

Starting with the aesthetics, it looks like any other regular TV. But it has a built-in microphone that can activate Alexa like all other Echo devices. The powerful voice assistant can update you about daily reminders and upcoming events. You get the standard HDMI 2.0a portland at the back and one HDMI 2.1 port.

The Omni TV runs on Amazon’s Fire platform and comes with amazon prime integrated into the software, obviously. Other than that, you get all the major streaming apps too. 

Now let’s talk about the most important part of a TV show, the performance review. Fortunately, the amazon fire has a superb ration. It gives you deep and dark blacks even in the dark and great black uniformity. Its gloss finish allows you to place it right under a tube light and still not be bothered by the reflection. It also displays its 4K content with the crispest pixels. 

All in all, Amazon’s first TV is a hit!

Amazon Fire
Amazon's own brands offer great quality for money.

Best 60-inch


It’s not easy to find huge TVs in this price range. Like always, Vizio has done it for you! Vizio D60-F3 is such a model that it blends right into any living room, which is what most people want. With such a price, you’d expect it to be a flimsy little thing. However, its design is quite robust. 

Like most other smart TVs, this one has major streaming apps already installed. Moreover, it streams 4k and HDR content with such clarity that you might as well be sitting with the characters! 

A sound bar will truly complete your home theater if you want to amp up its sound quality. Though it might be a simple TV, it’s easy to operate and set up!

Best 65-inch


A 65-inch tv might not be too common right now. But with the way TCL produces high-quality and affordable TVs, it won’t take too long until they’re everywhere. Its sleek look comes from the fact that it’s 1 inch deep, even at the thickest part! 

Besides the build, the visuals are quite impressive too. Displaying perfectly clear and CRISPR blues of the water while maintaining the undertones of nature is something only this behemoth of a TV can do. Even if you’re standing further from the standard viewing distance, which is ten feet, in this case, the view is just as dazzling. 

What sets it apart from others, the deal-maker is how well it works for Garmin. You can easily hook up your XBOX series x to it. With a 20 ms input lag, you’ll want to invite your friends over for an intense video gaming session. Its refresh rate is about 120 Hz, which gives you a smooth movement of any game character even with all the details switched to a high. 

This model sets a new standard when it comes to playing 8K pc games. The screen’s sheer size and crisp resolution are enough to encapsulate the scene fully. Many TVs neglect the audio quality as their sizes get bigger. Still, TCL makes sure to produce a well-rounded product. 

Lastly, The smart features are excellent as usual. It uses the Roku system. It has repeatedly proven to be an easy interface. 

In conclusion, this Tv is great for viewing, gaming, and all other things!

TCL 65-inch Class 6-Series
Here's a great 65-inch model.


Samsung fans are quite loyal to their brand. After you look at the Q70A model, you’ll realize why. Right off the bat, the Samsung TV comes with a new solar Cell remote control that recharges itself in the sun. to kick things up a notch, you can view the remote’s battery life on the settings menu. Moreover, it’s equipped with the infamous voice command feature. 

The back of the elegant TV provides you with 3 HDMI 2 ports, one HDMI 2.1 port, two USB 2.0 ports, an ethernet, and even a digital audio output connection. Moving on to the contrast ratio, it’s magnificent. It displays above-average deep blacks that remain consistent and have enough brightness to illuminate your whole living room. 

Samsung’s Tizen platform might be relatively new to the market, but it’s better than most smart software. It provides you with several customizable options and an easy-to-use interface. Along with that, you get Samsung health, a set of fitness programs that allows you to connect to other Samsung products. Besides that, it also offers Multi view, allowing you to watch multiple sources simultaneously.

Let’s not forget the magnificent smooth way the TV handles motion. With a response time of 9.5 ms, it manages to make even the blurriest rushed scenes easy to comprehend. 

Samsung never misses. With such a huge TV, it definitely made a huge splash in the market. 

SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class QLED Q70A Series 
If you've got the wall for it, check this one out.

Sony X90K Series: BRAVIA

At first glance, most TVs look the same. Even then, the Sony X90K manages to stand out. Its well-built exterior matches up perfectly with the interior. 

Once you switch on the TV, its impeccable contrast ratio will be very obvious. Because it comes with local dimming features, it deepens the blacks further. As for the brightness, it’s strong enough to counteract any sort of glare.

Since it’s 4k, it displays 4k content with ultimate clarity. The cherry on top is its smart software, the 1st version of google tv in this case. It allows for smooth web browsing and easy tracking of all the content that you like. 

An added and exclusive feature that this tv has is the Bravia core. This feature allows some movies to be of higher quality as more data is used for them. You’d be wrong if you thought Sony forgot about the speakers. The TV offers an immersive sound experience. But if you’re still unhappy with it, a sound bar could easily fix it. 

Sony X90K
Sony also makes bigger models.

Viewing distance

Most healthcare professionals suggest you sigh at least eight to ten feet away from the screen. But most people rarely follow that rule. What matters is the size of your tv and what feels comfortable for your eyes. The formula for the perfect TV positioning is five times the width of your screen. If your screen is 53 inches wide, you need to be 265 inches or 22 feet away from it. 

The angle at which you mount your TV matters too. Looking up for extended hours can give your neck pain and eye strain. When it comes to unraveling in front of the tv after a long day, you must ensure comfort is your focus. Try to keep the tv at eye level, or you might have to deal with a sore neck for a long time. 

60 inch Vizio TV

50 vs. 55-inch

A 55-inch tv has 20% more viewing area than a 50-inch one. It might not sound a lot right now, but a 55-inch screen can be a bit too much if you don’t have the right space. 

A 50-inch is perfect for a bedroom since people tend to sit closer to the tv in a more intimate setting. At the same time, a 55-inch tv will fit perfectly in your living room. In fact, the bigger size will give you a more immersive experience regardless of what you use it for. A 55-inch is best for mixed-use. 

However, solid gamers should look for something smaller, as bigger TVs come with more color and input lag issues. But if you don’t care for that, go ahead for the 55-inch!

Regarding pricing, there’s not much difference between the two sizes. The price point differences depend on the brand and model you go for. So if you go for a fancy brand like Samsung, your 50-inch could be more expensive than a 55-inch one. 

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