10 Stories Of The Titanic To Make You Feel The Chills

On April 15, 1912, the world shuddered with the tragic news in all newspapers of the time. The Titanic cruiser was one of the most advanced ships of its time. It had sunk in the Atlantic Ocean. 

In the tragedy, 1,515 people died. It included children and women. And it seems that many of these lost souls in the sea still visit the wreck.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the Titanic had gained fame for being an “impossible to sink” ship. But the unthinkable happened when the cruiser collided with an iceberg.

It began to fill with ice water, to the passengers’ horror. Soon the crew members succumbed to panic when they saw that there were not enough lifeboats for everyone on board.

This would be their first and last trip for many passengers, especially immigrants traveling in third class. Between the darkness and the despair of the people, hundreds of souls were swallowed by the sea. 

Today it is rumored that their spirits still visit the area of the accident. The exhibits of objects rescued from the cruise and other ships, waiting for their trip to the beyond.


The most terrifying story of the Titanic is the one of the ghost ship, where light balls can be seen at the site. Crewmembers of other boats report strange sightings in the area. Other notable stories include several ghost apparissions at the expo in Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Look at these 10 ghost stories about the Titanic that will give you goosebumps:

1. The captain who did not sink with his boat

In 1977, Leonard Bishop was the second officer of the ship SS Winterhaven. He gave a tour of this ship to a man who appeared to be a passenger. The strange visitor was very interested in every detail of the ship’s construction, which surprised Bishop.

Years later, the second officer came across a photograph of Captain Edward John Smith. It was the man who commanded the Titanic and who sank with his cruiser in 1912.

It happened by chance. Bishop recognized Smith as the passenger who had asked him for a cruise. But that was impossible, was it not?

2. The ghost that does not like to be photographed

One of the places linked to the Titanic with a large collection of supernatural stories is the expo mounted at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. More than 300 objects recovered from the shipwreck are exhibited. Among the most common occurrences is a woman in a black dress and hair pulled back.

There’s one of the most chilling stories we want to highlight. One of the photographers in charge of portraying the exhibition’s opening was walking down the main staircase when he saw the woman. 

The worker thought it was part of the hotel’s attraction and asked if he could photograph it. The woman ignored him, only to suddenly reappear behind the photographer. Again, the professional asked him if he wanted a photograph. The woman disappeared into thin air this time.

3. The most hated spirit

In the Las Vegas exhibition, there is a portrait of Bruce Ismay. He’s one of the constructors of the Titanic. Ismay is a character who went on the blacklist of the story when it was revealed that he had fled the ship.

He was not caring about abandoning women and children on board. It is also rumored that Bruce insisted on increasing the speed of the cruise. It was despite warnings about the blocks of ice between the waves. 

The witnesses claim that the builder turned his back on the ship while driving away in a lifeboat. Naturally, other souls in pain keep a grudge against him. 

One of the workers at the exhibition said that one morning he found Ismay’s photograph lying on the floor. When the supervisor reviewed the security video of the previous night, he saw with terror that the painting had fallen off. It fell to the ground on its own.

4. And the ghosts also have a favorite.

According to the testimonies of workers and visitors, the exhibition in Las Vegas is one of the most haunted places on Earth. People who visit it say they feel observed and uncomfortable and listen to spectral sounds.

But the spirits in this place seem inexplicably drawn to Joe Zimmer, one of the artifact experts who works at the hotel. Joe has heard strange voices calling him by his name. He has felt invisible hands pulling his clothes. At night, he says he even hears an orchestra play in the empty building.

5. The ghost ship

A traumatic event like this sinking surely leaves a mark in the place where it happened. This seems to be the case in the area where the accident occurred.

Crewmembers of other boats that circulate in the area have indicated seeing light balls at the site. It’s where the block with ice occurred. Even the submarines seem to be affected since the radios made strange sounds. Calls of help were detected without apparent origin.

10 Stories Of The Titanic To Make You Feel The Chills

6. A second chance

On the tragic night of the sinking, Frederick Fleet was an English navigator. He was in charge of the lookout on the Titanic. Even in the dark, Fleet spotted the iceberg and tried to warn the rest of the crew.

The warning from him came too late. Although he survived the shipwreck, the man carried the death of the passengers on his conscience.

Everything got worse when in 1964, his wife died on Christmas and he was kicked out of her house. Fleet then made up her mind and hanged herself in his backyard.

He was buried in an unnamed grave until the Historical Society of the Titanic gave him an honorary tombstone in 1993. Some visitors to the Luxor Hotel say that Fleet has not been able to overcome the accident. He is often seen on the deck recreated in the exhibit, always attentive to possible threats on the horizon.

7. An aquarium with ghost tanks

The Georgia Aquarium also has an exhibition dedicated to the Titanic with objects rescued from its interior. 

The employees of this site have reported seeing shadows and hearing unusual sounds. They feel that clothes are pulling them. The rumors were so constant that a paranormal research program decided to take the case.

Ghost experts placed sound recording devices in the room dedicated to icebergs during their investigation. Upon hearing the tapes, they heard a voice saying things. It included “no, please.”

8. The ghost captain

The ghosts of the Titanic also travel to other sites linked to their earthly life. This is the example of Captain John Smith, who still visits his previous residence. 

Louise and Neil Bonner are the current owners of the property. They say they have felt an icy presence pass through them and have even been able to see the sailor on several occasions.

9. Two deadly premonitions

The night that the Titanic sank, something else happened. Thousands of kilometers from the crash site, a young Scot named Jessie Sayre was about to die. Before dying, Jessie said she saw a huge ship being swallowed by the sea while a man named Wally played the violin. 

Jessie could only guess. At that time, the musician Wallace “Wally” Hartley was part of the cruise orchestra. He played his violin for the last time while the water filled the boat.

Another dark omen around the Titanic occurred 14 years before the iceberg incident. The novel “The Wreck of the Titan” was published in 1898. The author was Morgan Robertson.

He told the story of a huge cruiser that collided with a piece of ice for speeding like the Titanic. To make matters worse, the sinking of the fictitious ship also occurred in April. It had almost the same number of deaths as the actual event.

10. A little comfort

In Belfast, there is also a museum dedicated to the victims of the Titanic. In 2013, a woman visiting this site heard the final call for help. It was made by the crew of the convicted cruise ship as part of the exhibition’s route.

Upon hearing the plea for help in Morse code, the woman felt extremely sad and hopeless. Her entire body was shaking and nauseous, so she moved away to take a breath. She was about to leave when a gentle hand touched his shoulder. A male voice said: “it’s okay.” There was no one around him.

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